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The Weber Shandwick Collective launches Business & Society Futures to advise clients on business strategy, stakeholder expectations and social impact

Business and social futures Brings together Powell Tate, United Minds, KRC Research and Weber Shandwick Corporate & Public Affairs to add a new board of external senior advisors seamlessly advising business leaders across the C-suite.

Collective Senior Advisor, New Group of External Senior Advisors from Business, Government, Civil Society and Academia Join Business and social futures Advising clients on business strategy, stakeholder insights and leadership positioning

– CEOs and C-Suite leaders believe societal issues and stakeholder expectations are now directly linked to commercial performance, according to a new survey. Executives themselves report lacking the skills to effectively understand, manage and capitalize on these new market dynamics.

New York, December 1, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) is launched today business and social futures, It comprises the collective’s advisory brands Powell Tate, United Minds, KRC Research, Weber Shandwick’s Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs and Social Impact & Sustainability practices.The agency network also announced the creation of Collective Senior Advisorsa new group of external senior advisors who advise clients on leadership positioning, organizational effectiveness, policy and regulatory complexities, positive social impact, and value creation for all stakeholders.

Business & Society Futures provides clients with a single point of access to the industry’s most skilled strategists and counselors, delivering differentiated AI and technology-backed insights and advisory expertise across communications, public relations and management consulting. provide knowledge.

“Understanding and managing social and political polarization, environmental issues, misinformation, and disinformation are critical to ensuring organizational resilience, driving commercial performance, and enabling growth. , are leadership skills that are now in demand for CEOs and other executives. Gail Hyman, CEO of The Weber Shandwick Collective. “The creation of Business & Society Futures and the addition of The Collective Senior Advisors will allow us to more seamlessly and agilely deliver our diverse expertise and capabilities related to company performance, stakeholder expectations and social impact to our clients. Become.”

Business & Society Futures Chris DeliWeber Shandwick’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and President of TWSC’s C-suite Advisory Business. Pam JenkinsWeber Shandwick’s Chief Public Relations Officer will continue to lead global public relations operations, Powell Tate and the company’s expanding public health operations while serving as Deli’s Executive Partner. Kate BringerCEO of United Minds, a consultancy specializing in organizational change, Paul MasseyPresidents of the Global Lead for Social Impact and Sustainability, Powell Tate and Weber Shandwick, will co-chair the new group.

  • A recent KRC Research survey of more than 100 business leaders, including 39 CEOs, 47 C-level executives, and 16 VP/SVP leaders, found that recession and increased market volatility In anticipation, the majority of business leaders are actively looking to focus on steering. Social headwinds, understanding the risks posed by misinformation, and coping with social disruption and economic displacement. *The top 10 concerns are:
  • However, although executives are confident in their ability to ensure high quality standards for products and services (92%), political and social issues (49%), geopolitical issues (47%) and climate Variable (45%).

The following senior strategists and counselors have joined the Collective Senior Advisors.

Beth-Ann Bygham — Chief Security & Compliance Officer, Acxiom
Kimberly Davis – Senior Vice President of Social Impact, Growth and Policy, National Hockey League
Mike Dubke — Former White House Communications Director
Ashley Etienne — Former Vice President Communications Officer Kamala Harris and Communications Director, Senior Advisor to Chairman Pelosi
Nelson Fernandez — Former North American Chair, APCO Worldwide
jerilan green – previous senior vice presidentChief Communications and Public Relations Officer, Chairman and CEO of Yum! Foundation
Adrian Hodges — Former Managing Director of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum. Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Community Partnerships, GSK
Paul Kawata — Executive Director, National Minority AIDS Council
Kelly Kennedy President Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
Orin Kramer — Former Chairman of the New Jersey Investment Council
Sasha Mackler — Executive Director of the Energy Program at the Bipartisan Policy Center
gary martin in india — Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Non-Executive Director, Day Strategist; held Global COO and CTO positions at some of the world’s largest banks
Lauren Maynard — EVP, Global Managing Director, McCann Worldgroup Advisory Services
Doctor. Michael Marson — Wolfgang Joklik Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Professor of Global Health Duke University
Doctor shoeing sachiko — European Privacy Officer, Acxiom
Vivian Schiller — Executive Director of Aspen Institute Digital. Former CEO, NPR
Stephen F. Smith — Former Insider Risk Management Coordinator for the US Department of State.Former Chief Security Advisor to the NATO Secretary General
Don Spetner — Former EVP, Corporate Affairs & CMO of Korn Ferry International
Paul Van ZylFormer Secretary General South African Post-Apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Sudhir Venkatesh — William B. Ransford Professor of Sociology and African American Studies, Columbia University
Claire Wardle PhD, Professor of Public Health, brown university; co-founder and co-director of Information Futures Lab

The Future of Business and Society: A New Paradigm Built for a New Paradigm
Business & Society Futures is built for the flexibility and agility of business needs to deal with complex and modern situations.a round table A new group governance model designed by United Minds will enable faster decision-making and flat collaboration between the four advisory brands and The Collective Senior Advisors.

“Business leaders have moved beyond the somewhat simplistic Stakeholder Capitalism 1.0 paradigm of ‘doing good will do well’. We recognize that issues such as political inequality and geopolitical risk have become critical to commercial performance, but addressing them is highly complex.” , we often feel like we lack the skills to understand, let alone manage and capitalize on these new complexities. Collecting knowledge, it is the intersection of business strategy, stakeholder expectations and effective communication.”

“Business & Society Futures brings a policy and political perspective to corporate reputational communications as a strategic core, rather than an add-on or add-on,” said Jenkins. “Today, policies and regulations present more and more opportunities and risks related to commercial performance, employer branding and shareholder value creation, and should be viewed as an integral part of business strategy.”

Top 10 focus areas for today’s business leaders:

  1. Attract and retain talent – 93%
  2. Manage the adoption of new technologies to drive business growth, increase efficiency and address sustainability goals — 90%
  3. Addressing the impact of inflation on our business and its stakeholders – 81%
  4. Communications and Public Relations – 77%
  5. Supply chain (materials, equipment, inspection, logistics, etc.) – 76%
  6. Employee Engagement and Activities – 74%
  7. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) – 71%
  8. Capital Markets and Financial Communication – 70%
  9. Understand the risks from misinformation related to your sector, company or brand – 68%
  10. Privacy Concerns – 67%

Weber Shandwick Collective
The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) is an earned-first strategic communications and consulting network built for the convergence of society, media, policy and technology. In addition to Weber Shandwick, TWSC brands include Cappuccino, Current Global, dna, Flipside, KRC Research, Powell Tate, Prime Weber Shandwick, Resolute Digital, Revive, ThatLot and United Minds. The Weber Shandwick Collective is part of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG). For more information, please visit

united minds
United Mind is global management consulting We are dedicated to making business more human. Our team of more than 70 management consultants, business strategists, communicators and human resources professionals know how to harness the power of our people to solve the most important business challenges associated with transformation. increase. This includes cultural change, employee experience, DayChange Management, and Impact on Leadership.

Powell Tate
Powell Tate is the world-renowned public relations arm of The Weber Shandwick Collective, based in DC. Built for change, we are agile and data-driven, understanding rapidly changing politics, complex policy debates, emerging cultural trends, the role of third-party stakeholders, and digital transformation. led by people who are We know what motivates movement. Top issues – privacy, environment, sustainability, automation, food safety, healthcare. In short: what to accept. what to avoid What you didn’t see coming. We solve complex business, policy and social problems. We mitigate risk and build reputation. We form opinions and build support for important issues. For more information, please visit

KRC Research
KRCMore Research is a global communications and market research and strategy firm.unit of inter public Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG), KRCMore Research provides the quality and custom service of a small company with the reach of a global organization. For over 30 years, KRCMore Research has been conducted for businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, and the telecommunications companies that represent them. Placing interdisciplinary research experts, KRCMore Combine sophisticated research tools with real-world communication experience. For more information, see:

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