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Seven Arts Entertainment Co., Ltd. Announces Partnership and Investment in Metaverse-Based Technology Company

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2022 / Seven Arts Entertainment Co., Ltd. (OTC PINK:SAPX), a film and music production company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with 4D FüN.

Seven Arts Entertainment Co., Ltd. December 1, 2022 (Thursday) press release photo

Seven Arts Entertainment Co., Ltd. December 1, 2022 (Thursday) press release photo

4D FüN ( is a disruptive technology company rooted in artificial intelligence and specializing in immersive volumetric technologies, NFTs, spatial computing, VR, AR, XR experiences and games. Its underlying technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications and industries, including music, entertainment, sports, health, and professional training. 4DFüN’s volumetric modeling is the most advanced capture technology to date, generating his 360° virtual 3D representation of live recording sequences, significantly reducing production time and costs while delivering more vivid results. . 4D FüN creates a fully immersive, next-level experience that models the nuances of human expression with the unmistakable presence of a live performance.

Through 4D FüN’s own ecosystem Scenez (, users can experience live performances, exchange assets and interact in the metaverse. Scenez is accessed through the Metamask digital wallet, making it the world’s first and only marketplace for virtual experiences built within the blockchain. This environment is powered by two separate core products called The Marketplace and The Platform. The Marketplace allows you to become a citizen of Scenez to discover, acquire, sell, or trade digital assets you already own, as well as unique his 4D experiences. A platform is where you can interact with experiences and the digital assets you already own. You can watch a Scenez demo here:

Under the deal, Seven Arts will provide 4D FüN access to Dolby Atmos technology to further expand the immersive audio experience within Scenez as it completes and launches its new production facility in Atlanta. The company will also serve as a point of reference within the Atlanta market for artists and creators who may be interested in working with his 4DFüN in the future.

Finally, Seven Arts has already made a direct investment in 4D FüN and Seven Arts is also a stakeholder in 4D FüN’s overall success. The company plans to make several direct investments in He 4DFüN in the coming months.

Seven Arts CEO Jason Black said: FüN also helps exponentially increase the overall value of Seven Arts. “

about: Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. is a media and entertainment company developing a diversified intellectual property portfolio in the film and music industries.

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