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Ocusell Unveils New Solution to ‘Fix the Business Rules’ for Real Estate MLS

A new initiative designed to help MLS accelerate the integration of new technologies

Cincinnati, December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What drives successful innovation in today’s real estate industry? Hayden LieveschlCo-founder and CEO of Ocusell believes the force behind cutting-edge innovation is integration with existing products and services. 2 trillion dollars Rieveschl, a former hedge fund expert, said the yearly residential real estate deal thwarts attempts to add new technology quickly.

Rieveschl founded Ocusell, a platform to modernize the listing process for real estate professionals. Alex Taylor, a Dotloop employee on the ground floor (now part of Zillow). Early on, they encountered significant roadblocks that hampered MLS at any scale as they tried to rapidly deploy new technologies.

According to Rieveschl, it’s their “business rules” that are screwing up the national MLS system. These basic instructions provide technology companies with guidelines for deploying their products and services within MLS.

Rieveschl and Chief Revenue Officer Taylor found that MLS’s business rules documentation was often inaccurate or outdated, significantly delaying integration of new technologies. In many cases, the MLS vendor said he programmed the business rules for MLS, but MLS did not provide the documentation.

“The easier it is for MLS to integrate with state-of-the-art technology, the more MLS members, buyers and sellers will benefit,” Rieveschl said.

Furthermore, Rieveschl adds that good business rules for MLS are essential to allow MLS to copyright its own data schemas (how information is organized and presented) to protect data. I’m here. “MLS certainly wants to better protect data, making modern business rules essential,” he said.

Taylor explains: “MLS will switch vendors and change systems to compete with existing ones, so they agree to add new technical solutions for their members without realizing that their business rules are outdated. To do.”

He gives an example of an MLS that provided business rules but didn’t know that the APIs mentioned in the rules no longer existed. “If a technology company’s integration relied on APIs, they would have to start over,” he said.

“This mistake could expose MLS to liability and litigation risk, and unforeseenly increase costs. Moreover, flawed business rules will undoubtedly slow integration and slow market rollout.” shared Taylor.

Rieveschl sympathizes with MLS, saying that “business rules are often unreliable because they are cumbersome and expensive to maintain.” That’s why he offers the solution.

Ocusell launches new services to help MLS resolve business rule discrepancies, enabling rapid deployment of new technical solutions today and tomorrow.

“MLS is accelerating integration with technology partners,” says Rieveschl. We need to add powerful new tools for our members and do it smoothly and quickly. Ocusell manages the heavy lifting of MLS to ensure your rules are always up to date. “

To learn more about Ocusell and its new MLS Business Rules Audit, please visit to schedule a demo.

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Ocusell is an enterprise listing solution for real estate brokers and teams built to modernize your listing workflow. Its one-stop-shop centralizes the listing process, allowing brokers to list properties on multiple MLSs through a single, easy-to-use data entry interface. Ocusell seamlessly connects brokers and their MLS to improve agent and staff productivity, collaboration, and visibility into the listing process. By providing continuous innovation, Ocusell is committed to creating enterprise brokerage solutions that are clear, meaningful and, above all, simple for users. For more information, please visit

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