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Eugene A. ‘Gene’ Arbaugh, Auto Fleet Leasing Executive Dead – Baltimore Sun

Eugene A. “Gene” Arbor, who went from being a clerk in Carroll County to leading the old PHH auto leasing company, died of respiratory illness at his home in Lutherville on November 18. he was 84 years old.

“Gene and his management team have been instrumental in developing PH&H into a vital local business. They have built an employment base for thousands of employees over the years. We had a great business and had a great presence in Baltimore,” said former Baltimore County Administrator Donald Hutchinson.

Born in Manchester, he was the only child of shoemaker Harry Arbor and housewife Helen Arbor. He was an accomplished athlete who played football and baseball at Manchester High School.

Scouted at the age of 17 and joined the farm team. Former Kansas City Athletics baseball team. His mother advised him not to sign, saying he should complete his education.

He worked at the Cars Department Store, then at Western Maryland College, now McDaniel College. He was also a member of the school’s reserve officer training corps.

Carroll County Times columnist Dean Minich wrote in a 2012 article, “Gene and I were stockboys and checkout packers.” We competed to see how many bags of sugar we could carry.”

He met his future wife on a blind date.

“He was in fourth grade and I was in first grade,” said Star Ann Beecham. “It was the first semester. He fell in love and had no idea that he was getting married.The next thing we knew we were married in his junior year.We had a lovely courtship. did.”

She said he never had a Saturday night date because he worked at the store.

“I told my friends that I was going out with the best man in the world, but it wasn’t until Tuesday,” she said.

Mr. Arbor was a member of the Gamma Beta Chi Fraternity.

He enlisted in the Air Force and was assigned to Thule Air Force Base. Greenland. He was later captain of the Maryland National Guard.

“At the time, we were engaged and our communications were on military lines and there were always two soldiers censoring our calls,” his wife said. “Occasionally the censors would smile at us.”

After being discharged from the military, he graduated from the University of Maryland Law School. He worked at a Coca-Cola bottling plant to pay for his studies.

Married Starr Anne Beauchamp on April 14, 1962.

Mr. Arbor joined Peterson, Howell and Heather in 1964 as a member of the legal department and as manager of the contract management, title and tax departments, and became vice president of all legal services in 1971. 1970s.

“Jean was an industry leader in advocating for mandatory seatbelts before the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington,” said J. Calvin Jenkins, a friend of 50 years. “He was a true leader who didn’t focus on himself. He had a good aura. If you could call Central Casting and send me a good friend, I’d love to get Gene Arbor.” prize.”

“Under Arbor’s leadership, the company has become an innovator in the fleet management industry. During his time as senior vice president, he was responsible for expanding the truck and equipment program,” said the trade publication Automotive Fleet. article said.

In 1980, Mr. Arbaugh was first appointed president of Peterson, Howell and Heather Inc. and later president of the entire company, which later became PHH.

He managed the acquisition of Avis Leasing’s domestic fleet operations.

Arbor was inducted into the Fleet Leasing Hall of Fame in 2008.

His company had 150 employees when he joined. When he was fully retired, PHH was acquired and his parent company had thousands on payroll.

He and others negotiated the sale of the company and left PHH to become executives of Cendant Corp. He retired in 2009.

Colleagues said Arbor recognized the importance of equality and promoted the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace.



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He and his wife have traveled all over the world. He has been an active member of his Baltimore country club for over 30 years.

“He never held a golf club until his mid-thirties, so he was particularly proud of his two hole-in-ones,” said daughter Caroline S. Arbor. “He also loved to fish, fishing with his children and later with his grandchildren.”

Mr. Arbaugh has served on the boards of the Maryvale School and Western Maryland College. He was an honorary trustee of the University of Maryland Law School and chairman of the PHH Charitable Foundation.

He was a minister of St Stephen’s Anglican Church and a fan of the Orioles and the Ravens.

After retirement, he was happy to transport his granddaughter to and from school, often stopping for ice cream, bubble tea, or Starbucks.

Survivors include his wife of 60 years, Star Ann Beauchamp, a retired Lutherville teacher. Two daughters, Victoria C. Arbaugh and Caroline S. Arbaugh, both from Lutherville. Lutherville’s son, Eugene A. Arbor Jr.; and five grandchildren.

A celebration of life takes place at Five Farm’s Baltimore Country Club at 10:30 am on Tuesdays.

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