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Crime reports: $2,000 worth of copper wire stolen, cash register robbed, car burglary

Copper prices are still rising and may be responsible for recent wire thefts around Fayette County. One such case involved the theft of over $2,000 of his copper wire from a freight container in the town of Trillis.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Mike Francis said a large metal shipping container was unlocked on Thanksgiving and more than $2,000 worth of copper wire was stolen.

Police said the contents were intact and safe before the workers left for the Thanksgiving holiday, but were missing when they returned on Nov. 28, Francis said. I got

In the first of three cases in Peachtree City, a business robbery on Highway 54 West, Georgia was reported on November 24th.

The Peachtree City Police Department reported that the front glass doors of Froyos and Vinos were shattered and the cash registers were found stolen.

Also in the City of Peachtree, police responded at 12:30 am on November 27 by citing a car crash entering a spillway on Lake Peachtree.

The victim said someone broke the rear window of her car and stole a purse from the rear floorboards.

A third report shows the benefits of having a home camera system. According to a police report, security footage from a residence on Peachtree City’s Asteridge Trail caught a golfer on the deck of his home looking into the contents of his golf cart.

As noted in the Nov. 28 report, a suspicious individual was seen on security footage climbing the back deck of a home in the Wilshire Estates neighborhood of Peachtree City around 12:30 p.m. . This stranger was also observed searching the contents of the homeowner’s golf cart.

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