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Bundle!Ami Maeshima, who plays the role of Aya Maruyama, has announced that she will be suspending her entertainment activities.

Avex Management, the Tokyo-based entertainment agency of the Avex Group, announced About voice actors Ami MaeshimaOn November 30th, he announced on his official website that he had canceled his contract on November 30th, 2022. The official fan club “Amitamina” will also be closed.She was best known as Aya Maruyama Bundle! and Ibuki Niijima D4DJ.

At the same time, Maejima announced on his official Twitter account that he would be suspending his entertainment activities and leaving his agency.

She said, “I would like to take this opportunity to once again apologize for not being able to communicate with you about my condition in my own words and causing concern to everyone who has supported me. Some people have reported feeling unwell. As soon as I recover, I will share my thoughts and feelings in my own words.

Both official sites Bundle! When D4DJ also announced that she is stepping down from the role, and the selection of her role replacement will be underway shortly.

Ami Maeshima:

Source: official website of Ami Mejima, Band Dream!, D4DJ

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