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Boyden Leadership Study Finds Growth in Asia-Pacific Impacted by Employee Burnout, Rising Costs and Weakening Leadership Teams

Business leaders reveal the lowest levels of trust in their employees and leadership teams globally.Likely to hire more diverse executives to deliver growth based on digital transformation, innovation and product or service diversification

boyden leadership study

Boyden Leadership Study Finds Growth in Asia-Pacific Impacted by Employee Burnout, Rising Costs and Weakening Leadership Teams

Boyden Leadership Study Finds Growth in Asia-Pacific Impacted by Employee Burnout, Rising Costs and Weakening Leadership Teams

BEIJING, MUMBAI, SEOUL, SYDNEY, SINGAPORE, TAIPEI, TOKYO, DECEMBER 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boyden, a leading leadership and talent advisory firm with more than 75 offices in more than 45 countries, announces the Report on the following global executives: talent research. Respondents in the Asia-Pacific region have the lowest levels of trust in their employees and leadership teams globally, placing less emphasis on human capital than other regions.

Only 35% of respondents are very confident or confident in their workforce overall, compared to the global average of 55%. 45% are very confident or confident in their leadership team, compared to the global average of 60% of him. (i) Achieve growth through digital transformation. (ii) Innovation. (iii) it may be difficult to diversify our products or services;

global research, Strengthen the human-centric core of Industry 5.0[1]how can organizations thrive in a complex world of risk? Explore the risk landscape of CEOs, boards of directors, and other senior leaders, along with executive talent trends, priorities, and investments.

William J. Farrell, Boyden Managing Partner and Board Director, Asia Pacific Practice Leader for Financial Services and Industry, said: Geopolitical risks, supply chain disruptions, and global economic instability. Nevertheless, Industry 5.0 offers growth opportunities and companies need to strengthen their technology sector to compete globally. Another concern is the loss of trust in the leadership team. As business cycles speed up, evaluating competence and creating high-performing teams is an important part of senior-level talent management. “

The biggest internal risk in the tech sector is a weak leadership team. Across all sectors, the top insider risks are identified as follows: (i) employee burnout; (ii) increased business costs; (iii) weak leadership team; (i) Geopolitical Top External Risks. (ii) global economic instability; (iii) Disruption in his chain of supply has hit business his leaders and executives hard. Therefore, his most valuable soft leadership skills have been identified as “inspiring the team,” “driving change,” and “self-leadership,” unique to the Asia-Pacific region.

When addressing the need to strengthen executive talent, 91% of respondents identified both health and safety and technology/cloud/cybersecurity talent, and 90% identified marketing and sales. We list them as our top three priority areas. This contrasts with the 2021 survey results. The 2021 results show that health and safety are top priorities, with technology/cloud/cybersecurity being her fourth priority.

Respondents perceive a tough market. 41% cite “competition for the right talent” as the top three drivers of structural change. It is the top driver in healthcare and life sciences, and professional services. Looking ahead to 2023, 58% to 67% anticipate hiring challenges in 2021. 48% to 67% anticipate retention challenges in 2021.

Alun Parry, partner at Boyden Australia, commented on the realities of the market. As the war for talent continues after the COVID-19 pandemic, the tenure of management is getting shorter. Opportunities are multiplying as organizations race for leaders who can lead already fragile organizations through the global economic upheaval. “

Nonetheless, respondents say they will invest more in leadership development and recruiting more diverse executives, driven by the need for different executive skill sets, especially in the healthcare and life sciences and professional services sectors. I expect.

Recruitment is through sign-on bonuses, travel expenses, and performance-based compensation. Retention is driven by leadership development. Awareness of family care/responsibility and stock options.

Read the full report: Strengthening the Human-Centric Core of Industry 5.0: Asia-Pacific.

About research

The survey will be conducted in the second quarter of 2022, targeting senior executives of publicly cited, private/independent, private/family-owned, social enterprises and PE-backed organizations worldwide. it was done. Of the total 640 complete responses, nearly 20% are from the Asia-Pacific region and 38% of the respondents are Board/President/CEO. 28% are her SVP, department or country head. and 24% functional leaders.

About Boyden

Boyden is a leading leadership and talent advisory firm with over 75 offices in over 45 countries. Our global reach allows us to serve our clients’ needs wherever they do business. We connect great companies with great leaders through executive search, mid-management and leadership consulting solutions. For more information, please visit www.boyden.com.

[1] The Fifth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 5.0, is a new phase of industrialization that sees humans partnering with advanced technology and AI-powered robots to enhance processes in the workplace. Source: Manufacturer. Source: https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/the-innovation-behind-the-industrial-revolution/


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