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2023 Priorities, Advocacy, Global Ag Leadership, Engine Emissions, New Board Leadership

Agriculture Sector CommitteeAEM’s Ag Sector Board We met at AEM’s Annual Conference in Napa, California on November 16, 2022 to establish our 2023 priorities and provide direction on initiatives to support those priorities.

Global Agriculture Leadership

Todd Stucke, Chairman of the Agriculture Division and Senior Vice President of Kubota Tractor Corporation, convened the meeting and introduced Anita Sennett, AEM’s Senior Director of Agriculture. Sennett is committed to AEM’s international partnerships and AEF (Agriculture Industry Electronics Foundation) and the Agrivolution Alliance.

It was noted that the AEF Plugfest will be held again. Commodity Classic A trade show in Orlando next March will provide visibility into the joint interoperability work that competing agricultural equipment manufacturers are doing. New for 2023, board members agreed to support the launch of the North American version of the AEF Dealer Council. This council makes dealers aware of the ISOBUS database and other compatibility tools available to dealers and their customers through AEF. At the same time, AEF will receive valuable feedback from the perspective of dealers and farmers on these tools and interoperability challenges.

The Council also Agrivolution Alliance, expands international relations and thereby sends a global message on the importance of mechanization for global sustainable agriculture. Continuous refinement of the group’s own global data product was encouraged. Larry Buzecky, AEM’s vice president of business and intelligence, said that AEM’s staff also manages the Aggregation Stats program, providing global product-specific market data to participating companies and sharing the resulting index data with all his peers. of AEM (and Alliance) members. Buzecky said the group is working towards harmonization of global statistical programs, benefiting all companies involved.


AEM Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Kip Ideberg and Vice President of Federal Affairs Kate Fox Wood provided updates on election results, the new AEM PAC Donor Portal, and other PAC activities,5 I pointed out that all candidates except the one are endorsed by PAC. Elected. They informed the Board that a listening session on the focus areas of the next Farm Bill will be held in his February.

engine emissions

David Nicoll, Chair of AEM’s Engine Emissions Strategy Task Force and Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems Product Manager, provided updates from the task force and reviewed the position paper overview on engine emissions. The policy paper provides a shared vision for the future and recommendations from the industry, including a global picture of emissions reductions aimed at educating regulators and other industry stakeholders.

Priorities for 2023

Curt Blades, senior vice president of industry divisions at AEM, reviewed the results of the 2023 priority survey completed by the board. The most important issues include regulatory concerns, right to repair, rural broadband, farm bills and sustainability. Discussions also resulted in proposals for carbon markets, interoperability, and machine cybersecurity. To his now extensive list of Ag Sector Board priorities for 2023, it has been decided that new “technical” items will be added, each containing specific issues.

  • Maintain and grow AEM’s position as a global AG leader
  • Advocating for the agricultural equipment industry with policy makers and regulators
  • Strengthen and grow AEM’s AG member business
  • Promoting agriculture as a sustainability and climate change solution
  • New Proposal: Addressing Technical Issues (Including Interoperability and Machine Cybersecurity)

The finalized 2023 priorities will be approved at the next meeting of the AEM Ag Sector Board in February 2023.


Todd Stucke was thanked for his leadership as AEM Ag Sector Board Chair and welcomed Bill Hurley, AGCO Vice President, Distribution, USA as the new Chair. President of Kuhn NA, he was welcomed by Greg Petras as the new Vice Chair. His outgoing JCB Board Representative Richard Fox-Mars thanked him for his service and welcomed his new representative Shane Coates, JCB Vice President of Agriculture.

The Ag Sector Board’s next meeting is scheduled for February 23 in Washington, DC. Contact Curt Blades for more information on Ag Sector Boards. cblades@aem.org.

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