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WALK-ON’S SPORTS BISTREAUX prepares for digital transformation in 2023, prioritizing guest experience with best-in-class online ordering and loyalty provider lunchbox

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux® Takes a Leap with New Online Ordering and Loyalty
Guest platform with lunchbox

New York, November 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — #1 Sports Bar Franchise, According to Walk-On’s entrepreneurtoday announced its latest innovative partnership with Lunch boxan enterprise online ordering system platformed by QSR brands in countries and regions such as: fire station submarine, clean juice, wings over When Papa Ginos.

Together, Walk-On’s and Lunchbox are building a best-in-class online ordering system to scale and enhance the brand’s current mobile app and loyalty experience. This partnership provides franchisees and operators with a single-use digital partner for all third- and first-party digital orders. As consumer buying behavior shifts to digital ordering, Walk-On’s is building an easy way to deliver, pick up and order online in-store. With new and improved loyalty services, the brand brings a personalized approach to offering Walk-On guests exciting perks and perks that are easier to earn and redeem than ever before. increase.

“We are pleased to partner with Lunchbox to position our brand as a technology leader and, most importantly, to provide Walk-On guests with an exceptionally convenient digital experience.” said like this. Luke Deluen.

The recent launch of walk-on with lunchbox is more focused on scale-out.

  • Disposable platform: A new streamlined platform for managing all your digital channels.
  • A revamped mobile app experience: A new and improved guest experience that captures branding, loyalty offers, and guest data for future retargeting.
  • New offerings for loyalty: Personalized services and features that speak to current loyal and potential repeat guests.
  • Centralized marketing tools: Data-driven marketing capabilities for end-to-end management of omnichannel guest interactions.
  • Improved lifetime value: Enhanced services to increase the lifetime value of each guest with a focus on increasing order frequency and brand engagement.
  • Native sales: Expanded efforts to grow digital sales that convert first- and third-party customers into native, loyal guests.

“We are here to extend digital capabilities to corporate restaurants and provide technology that speaks to the guest experience,” said the co-founder and CEO. Nabeel Alamgil“Walk-On’s already has a committed and strong following, and we want to grow it. Our goal is to serve as a built-in extension of already established technology and marketing organizations.” That’s it.”

About lunch

Lunch box is a modern ordering system for restaurants to grow their online revenue. Through a suite of products dedicated to app and web ordering, customer loyalty, marketing and order aggregation, Lunchbox enables restaurant chains to manage their digital growth strategies, increase sales and enhance guest engagement. The company has powered more than 5,000 of his restaurants nationwide, including Bareburger, Clean Juice, Fuku, Little Sesame, Papa Gino’s, Sticky’s Finger Joint and Tacombi. For more information, please visit the following URL:

About Walkons

Walk-On’s prepares each dish from scratch using the freshest ingredients to bring mouthwatering Americana and Cajun cuisine to life.Diverse menu features unique twists on game-day staples and upscale takes Louisiana Signature offerings include crawfish étouffée, duck and andouille gumbo, and donut bread pudding made with Krispy Kreme donuts.

For full menus, locations and more information, please visit: Contact us about franchise opportunities. Or contact CFE Kelly Parker at 225.330.4533.


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