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The Cowboys could sign Odell Beckham Jr. to a multi-year deal.Chiefs, Ravens also interested in wide receiver

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Odell Beckham Jr. will begin visiting teams of interest this week, and all of those teams are likely playoff contenders looking for a second-half boost at wide receivers. The Cowboys, who have been particularly upbeat about pursuing a standout player in the NBA, aren’t necessarily eyeing Beckham in 2022, the day after owner Jerry Jones. Dallas hinted they could use wideouts Since this season, CBS Sports NFL Insider Reported by Josina Anderson Beckham could sign a multi-year deal with the Cowboys.

The free agent, who hasn’t played yet this year while recovering from a torn ACL, plans to visit the Giants and Bills before meeting with Dallas on Monday. Jones, who has shown the most public affection for pass catchers, seems perfectly positioned to meet them. It is “feasible” to prepare multi-year contracts in case “the number is reasonable”.

That’s not to say other teams won’t try to get former Pro Bowlers. Bills star Von Miller has been candid about his connection to Beckham and his desire for the two to team up in Buffalo, with wideouts including his first five years in his career. There is a connection with New York, where he spent his time. Beyond that, according to Anderson, the Chiefs and Ravens are also working on conversations with receivers, though no visits are scheduled at this time.

Beckham, 30, reportedly made a medical recovery in rehab from a torn ACL. But he hasn’t been on the field since the Rams won the Super Bowl in February.

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