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Tech of the Month: November’s Hottest Bike Tech

November went by a little hazy, at least for me. My desk faces out the window towards a magnificent red Acer tree. In the past four weeks, relentless winds have stripped all but a handful of leaves. Growing dissatisfaction with his two pigeons who regularly use the branch as a perch.

The usual routine of testing, reviewing, and the normal news cycle turns around a bit here in November. cycling news Like the juggernaut of commercialism that is Black Friday rolls into town. As usual this year, we spent quite a bit of time finding the best deals that you, dear readers, might actually want to buy.Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday weekend is officially here. It’s over, but many places are quietly offering discounts on their products for a while. , where you can find all the best finds collated on the Cyber ​​Monday Bike Deals hub.

good cycling tech

(Image credit: Will Jones)

In the run up to Black Friday weekend, we’ve put together a guide to buy-it-for-life cycling tech. It may not be the pinnacle in terms of performance (or the pursuit of speed), but it’s the gear that wins in the long run by lasting noticeably longer than its competitors. This included some premium components from Chris King, Rene Herse, and others, but also some decidedly budget options.

Even if you don’t like square taper cranksets and hub gears, there are plenty of photos that you especially like, so it’s a little eye candy.

pathetic man covered in water

(Image credit: Will Jones)

Black Friday may have dominated broadcasting for a while, but it hasn’t completely disrupted normal business. Now that winter riding is underway, we’ve put together a number of all-new Buyer’s Guides to help you make the best possible buying decisions.

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