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Syntegra Pushes the Boundaries of Generative AI in Healthcare with Recent Tech Updates

San Francisco, November 30, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — syntegratoday announced the launch of Syntegra Medical Mind 2.0. It extends what is possible with generative AI technology to create high-fidelity, privacy-guaranteed synthetic healthcare data.

Syntegra is the first generative AI company in healthcare. Syntegra Medical Mind — Syntegra’s proprietary synthetic data engine — pioneering groundbreaking applications of transformer-based language models in healthcare, learning the underlying statistical patterns of real-world data to created a synthetic dataset. Syntegra’s synthetic data fully protects patient privacy, far exceeds HIPAA and GDPR standards while preserving the statistical fidelity of real data and capturing rare cohorts and outliers.

“Syntegra was the first company to invest in generative AI over three years ago. Dan Portillo, General Partner and Founder of Sweat Equity Ventures (now The General Partnership). “They are way ahead of their time and are the only company applying generative AI in healthcare. We are excited about the investment in both our and our applications using our language models at scale.”

With such advanced privacy protections, Syntegra synthetic data enables streamlined access to patient-level data, easier and more secure data sharing, accelerated AI/ML model development, advanced analytics and more Allows deep insight and more.

The launch of Syntegra Medical Mind 2.0 includes major performance upgrades that improve the ability of organizations to work especially with large and complex datasets. Specific features include:

  • Large scale — Train on a dataset containing over 20 million patient records
  • Longitudinal direction — Supports longer sequence lengths representing longer patient care trajectories
  • speed — 3x faster training, 2x faster generation
  • Flexibility — Supports any healthcare data model — From single-table formats (e.g. clinical trial and registry data) to connected multi-table datasets (e.g. EHR and billing data)

These improvements will further accelerate the adoption of generative AI in healthcare, increasing the pace of innovation that can reshape patient lives, especially as the industry increasingly embraces AI and ML techniques.

“As any clinician will tell you, healthcare is so complex that it is very difficult to replicate all the complexities of real-world data in synthetic data.” Ofer Mendelevic, Co-founder and CTO of Syntegra. “Syntegra Medical Mind was the first (and only) approach that could maintain these interconnected relationships through the power of a transformer-based language model. Now, with Syntegra Medical Mind 2.0, we are taking these capabilities even further , the boundaries of what is possible with generative AI in healthcare, from researchers to patients.”

“We are leveraging the emerging field of generative AI in novel ways to enable fast, low-impact access to healthcare data. Michael D. Resch, SM MD FACC, Founder and CEO of Syntegra. “This opens up tremendous opportunities to drive innovation and ultimately accelerate advances in patient care.”

Read more about Syntegra’s transformative use of generative AI Recent blog Co-founder Dr. Michael Lesh When Ofer Mendelevic.

About Syntegra

Syntegra was the first company to harness the power of generative AI in healthcare, enabling low-impact access to privacy-preserving synthetic health data. Our proprietary algorithm, Syntegra Medical Mind, is unlocking the potential of healthcare data by making it more useful to those who have it and providing data access to those who need it. increase. Syntegra’s synthetic data does not contain any real patient information, perfectly matches the statistical properties of the underlying data, and fully protects patient privacy.Click here for details and follow us LinkedIn When twitter.

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