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Small Business Saturday Means Business

Jerry Schalow, CEO, Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce

What if everyone in Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo, Placitas, and Albuquerque made it a point to have a Small Business Saturday every day and shop locally?

we all win!

When New Mexicans shop at local businesses, they’re supporting New Mexico’s biggest employers. Small businesses employ more than 50% of New Mexico’s workforce.

This means everyone knows someone who works for a local business. Buying locally means more stable employment levels and develops the local workforce by giving locals more opportunities to work in the community.

These businesses support our communities and reduce our dependence on imports while reducing the amount of New Mexico dollars leaving the state. That dollar can then be reused in the community, generating local economic activity and expanding the local tax base.

Rio Rancho and the surrounding communities benefit from having their own businesses to shop, eat and play.

The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber hosts holiday market events where local vendors create unique products. These events offer opportunities to purchase gifts made in New Mexico.

The Chamber of Commerce has a “Buy Local” program that offers coupons on its website to encourage shopping at local businesses. The Chamber’s commitment is to connect consumers with local, independently owned businesses and remind everyone of the importance of spending money locally.

How does shopping locally affect our community?

* Earnings: Locally owned businesses give back a much larger portion of their revenues (up to 70%) to the local economy.

* community: Local businesses are invested in the community to support youth programs and athletics. A case in point is the support of 6A Champions at Cleveland High Football Stadium.

* employment: Local businesses are diverse as they employ contractors, mechanics, accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, cooks, lawyers, service staff, sign makers, marketing agencies and more.

* Local products: Local retailers, restaurants and distributors will have more choice of locally produced goods, creating additional markets and jobs for local producers and more dollars being retained in the community. .

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