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Princess Peach and Donkey Kong appear in the official trailer of ‘Theatrical version Super Mario Bros.’ | Entertainment


official trailer for super mario bros movie is finally here – full of beloved characters and video game references.

Fans got to hear more in the trailer released during the Nintendo Direct presentation on Tuesday. Chris Pratt See you again as Mario Anya Taylor-JoyPrincess Peach of Seth RogenDonkey Kong and Charlie DayLuigi was briefly introduced in the final moments of the teaser trailer.

The trailer shows Mario facing off against Donkey Kong. jack blackBowser asks Luigi.Peach gathering an army of toads — and Keegan-Michael Key Call out to the head of the toad. You can catch a glimpse of a group of colorful Yoshi.

There are also some very exciting and unexpected moments such as Mario in a tanuki suit, Peach using the power of a fire flower, and spectacular Mario Kart action on Rainbow Road.

The rest of the voice cast for the film includes: Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek Sebastian Maniscalco as a spike. Charles Martinetwho has voiced Mario since the 90s, also makes a “surprise cameo”.

super mario bros moviefrom Nintendo and Illumination, warp to theaters on April 7, 2023.

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