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Pivo Review – Is The Auto Tracking Camera Mount Worth It?

Pivo is a smart camera mount that follows your movements, making it easy to create unique content.

Available exclusively online from, Pivo uses an award-winning automatic tracking system to create professional-quality motion-tracking videos with unique effects.

Keep reading to see everything you need to know about the Pivo and whether it lives up to today’s hype in our review.


What is Pivo?

Pivo is a camera mount that makes it easy to create fun videos.

With advanced features such as 360-degree panning, intelligent motion tracking, and professional-quality video effects, Pivo helps anyone create motion-tracking videos on their own, even with no experience.

Pivo’s goal is to give everyone their own camera operator. Pivo automatically focuses the camera while moving.

Pivo is a patented, award-winning product that has been featured in some of the tech industry’s biggest media outlets and events. This camera mount is compatible with iPhone and Android, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and is used by over 300,000 of his creators worldwide.

How do pivots work?

Pivo uses patented, award-winning technology to track your movements. It’s like having your own photographer.

As you move in front of Pivo, the mount automatically rotates to keep your phone’s camera focused on you.

To use Pivo, simply attach the camera mount to your smartphone. Like magic, Pivo will start tracking your every move. The device rotates 360 degrees and automatically zooms in or out as you move closer or farther from the camera.

Pivo also has its own video effects called Create Mode. You can use Many Me Create mode to create multiple versions of yourself in front of the camera, for example, or use Magic Edge Create mode to create transitional barriers at the edges of your video.

Pivo works with Instagram and TikTok and can connect to your favorite apps via Connect Mode. Shoot directly from Instagram or TikTok while using Pivo’s auto-tracking feature.

Additionally, Pivo is compatible with any tripod. You can install the camera wherever you want.

Pivo comes bundled with three apps: Pivo+, Pivo Play and Pivo Cast. These apps let you connect Pivo to other apps, customize Pivo’s settings, and get the most out of your Pivo mount.

With Pivo, you don’t need to hire a photographer or ask your friends to help you shoot. Instead, you can get the footage you want on yourself, mounts, and backgrounds. that’s it.


Best uses for Pivo

People use Pivo for all sorts of purposes, including:

  • social media dance
  • cooking and educational videos
  • Video Conferencing and Zoom Calls
  • sports and entertainment
  • more

With 360-degree panning, intelligent motion tracking, auto-zoom, and multiple powerful apps, Pivo’s possibilities are endless.

Pivo creation mode

Pivo has over 10 creation modes with advanced built-in video effects. Get professional-quality videos without any video production experience.

Pivo’s 10+ creation modes include:

  • many me
  • time lapse
  • magic edge
  • auto pan
  • clone trail
  • flash

Pivo has a total of 12 creation modes to make your videos more exciting with just one tap.

For example, Many Me Create mode adds multiple versions of yourself in front of the camera, while Auto Pan mode automatically pans 360 degrees around your mount.

Instead of creating boring, run-of-the-mill videos, you can take your videos to the next level with Pivo’s creation mode.


how to use pivot

Using Pivo is easy.

  • step 1) Attach your phone to the Pivo mount
  • step 2) hit record
  • step 3) Do your own thing!

Features of Pivo

Over 300,000 people love Pivo for creating professional videos with ease. Here are some of Pivo’s great features:

360 degree pan: Pivo can be fully rotated around its base, giving you a 360-degree view around the camera’s base.

Perfect for all types of content: Pivo is popular with all types of creators, from small business media teams to influencers. Pivo can be used for everything from educational and cooking videos to sports, entertainment, video conferencing and more.

Modes for creating professional quality videos: Pivo makes it easy to combine video with professional effects including Many Me (to create multiple versions of yourself in one scene), Time Lapse, Magic Edge, Auto Pan, Clone Trail, Flash and more I can. USE 10+ MODES OF CREATE In short, you can trick your followers into thinking you’re a professional videographer, even if you have limited experience.

Take a shot using the rear camera: Many influencers resort to using low-quality front-facing cameras for their videos. Pivo allows you to take high quality shots using the rear camera. And you can always trust Pivo to keep you in focus and frame.

Like having your own camera operator: With Pivo, all you need to create a video is yourself, your phone, and Pivo. No cameraman needed. Pivo is like having your own camera operator.

Compatible with any tripod: Pivo is designed to work with standard tripods, making it easy to set up your device with any equipment.

Create the perfect shot with multiple tracking settings: Pivo lets you adjust frame, focus, tracking speed, auto-zoom, and more to create the perfect shot. Whether you want to stay in focus, pan to the surrounding scene, or adjust your shot in other ways, Pivo lets you do just that.

Compatible with Instagram and TikTok: Pivo works with Instagram and TikTok, and you can easily link to Instagram and TikTok using Pivo’s connected mode. With Pivo features like Auto Tracking for Instagram and TikTok, you get all the benefits of Pivo without having to shoot videos outside of your favorite apps.

Portable & Lightweight: Pivo is portable, lightweight and easy to carry. It can be easily carried in a backpack for on-the-go videography.

Automatic tracking: With Pivo, you’ll never miss a shot. The auto-tracking feature tracks through the scene while maintaining focus and frame.

Includes charging cable and manual: With your Pivo purchase, you’ll have everything you need to get started with your Pivo, including a charging cable and manual.

Contains 3 bundled apps: Pivo comes bundled with three apps: Pivo+, Pivo Play and Pivo Cast.

Designed in the USA: Pivo is a US-based company that designed Pivo in the US.

Compatible with iPhone & Android: Pivo works flawlessly with iPhone and Android, and you can easily attach either phone to the mount while enjoying all of Pivo’s features. Pivo is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer (running iOS 13.0 and newer) and most Android phones running Android 9.0 and newer from 2017 and newer.

Over 300,000 Creators: With over 300,000 users worldwide, Pivo is one of the best-selling camera mounts in the world.

Patented & Award Winning: Pivo is a patented and award-winning product that uses proprietary technology to solve a unique consumer problem. Pivo has been featured in leading tech media and notable electronics events.

30-day money-back guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with Pivo, you can request a full refund, no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase. Please contact the Pivo customer service team within 30 days to initiate the refund process.

Pivo Review: What Are Our Customers Saying?

Pivo has good things to say about Pivo and how it works. With over 300,000 users worldwide to date, his Pivo is popular with all types of creators, from influencers and social media stars to small businesses looking to expand their social media presence. I have.

Here are some Pivo reviews from verified customers online.

Multiple content creators appreciate Pivo for making it easy to create high-quality videos. With Pivo, all you need to create high-end videos is yourself, your phone, and his Pivo.

Features like 360 ​​degree rotation are popular with all types of reviewers. You can find other camera mounts with basic rotation. However, Pivo takes it to the next level with his 360-degree rotation and auto-tracking.

Other reviewers liked features like voice commands, allowing you to position and launch the camera without pressing a button.

Customers also appreciate that the Pivo is a quality device with excellent build quality.

Most customers have good things to say about the ease of use of the device. Even if you have limited video editing skills or experience, Pivo makes it easy to create professional-looking videos and trick people into thinking you’re a high-end videographer. increase.

Customers also have good things to say about Pivo’s customer service, contact times, shipping, refund process, and more.

Pivo price

The Pivo is priced at $79.99 per mount, with discounts for purchasing multiple mounts. Pivo’s regular retail price is $99.99.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices if you order online today.

  • 1 x Pivo: $79.99 + free shipping
  • 2x Pivo: $139.98 + free US shipping
  • 3x Pivo: $179.97 + free US shipping

A Pivo mount, charging cable and printed manual are included with your Pivo purchase. You also get three of his Pivo apps including Pivo+, Pivo Play and Pivo Cast.


Pivo Refund Policy

Pivo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee when purchased from

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can request a refund or replacement within 30 calendar days of receiving your Pivo. To be eligible for a refund, the product must be in new condition and in its original packaging. Pivo will deduct the original shipping fee from the refund amount. You must pay for the return shipping fee yourself.

Please contact to initiate the refund process.

About Pivo

Pivo Inc. is a consumer products company based in Dover, Delaware. The company designs his Pivo in the US.

You can contact Pivo and its customer service in the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Send to: 32 W Lockerman Street, Suite 107, Dover, DE 19904

To sell Pivo online, the original inventor partnered with e-commerce company GiddyUp. GiddyUp is a curator of innovative products and runs the website. Buying from is the best way to support original creators on Pivo.

Pivo was created with the goal of empowering millions of people to tap into their creative side. The company prides itself on being a mission-driven organization.

The last word

Pivo is a smartphone mount designed to take your videos to the next level.

Anyone can use Pivo to create professional-quality videos, no experience or software required. Simply attach your phone to his Pivo mount, press record, and enjoy high-end features like 360-degree panning, auto-tack, and more.

To learn more about Pivo or buy a Pivo mount online today, visit the official website.

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