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Martin County business under investigation after dog’s death

Martin County, FL — The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Pawsitively Paradise, a dog training, grooming, and pet sitting company in Palm City.

The investigation comes after Palm City couple Dan and Adelle Csontos told NewsChannel 5 that one of their flat-coated retrievers died while in company care.

“There is no explanation for the death of that healthy dog,” Adele Xontos said.

The couple left two-and-a-half-year-old Mako and seven-year-old Marlin with the owners of Pawsitively Paradise for two days over the Thanksgiving holiday after taking a tour of the facility on the recommendation of a friend. rice field.

Adele Kusuntos said, “I certainly didn’t see anything that made me pause.

The couple also assured me that their two dogs were doing well during the two days their owners were away, and occasionally sent me pictures and videos. was a text from the owner just before picking up the dog.

Adelle Csantos, dog died in care of Palm City's Pawsitively Paradise


Adelle Csantos shares the pain after the death of her dog, Mako, who was entrusted to Palm City’s Pawsitively Paradise.

“I don’t know what happened in the last 48 hours, but something happened,” Adele Xontos said.

Csontos showed a NewsChannel 5 text message exchange that showed the owner telling her young dog Mako was “having a hard time adjusting” and looking “depressed.” , she added that daycare for dogs at the facility is a good idea. For future Mako’s sake, help the dog adapt.

However, when Dan Csontos picked up the dog, he noticed that Mako was unresponsive and had a yellow liquid coming out of his mouth.

“I said ‘What did you do to my dog?'” Dan Xontos told NewsChannel 5

The couple took the dog to a pet emergency hospital where both dogs were admitted for evaluation. Csantos said veterinarians gave Marlin fluids for severe dehydration and antibiotics for bacterial paw infections.

“He had cuts on his leg and back,” Adele Xuntos said.

It wasn’t the worst news. The couple said their veterinarian also told them that Mako wasn’t doing well.

Martin County Sheriff's Deputy Commissioner John Budenshiek discusses an investigation into the death of a dog entrusted to Palm City's Pougitively Paradise.


Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy Commissioner John Budenshiek discusses an investigation into the death of a dog entrusted to Palm City’s Pougitively Paradise.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” Adele Xantos said. “He was a happy, healthy dog.”

She said the veterinarian’s preliminary cause of death was attributed to excessive heat.

“They’re doing an autopsy, so we don’t know for sure,” Adele Xontos said.

The couple contacted the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Commissioner John Budensiek told NewsChannel 5 that the agency is now beginning an investigation into the business, adding animal control and attempting to visit facilities and contact owners.

“We have tried to meet her face-to-face many times, but it has not happened yet. Our animal control department interviewed employees who were on site,” Budenshiek said. “They published citations of other animals that were kept in crates without water.”

But Budensiek also said other employees told him the animals were allowed outside several times a day and had access to water. Budensiek said the investigation was still pending and awaiting the results of the owner’s interview and the dog’s autopsy.

“We don’t know the real cause of the dog passing by, so we can’t take criminal action right now,” Budensiek said.

An investigation is ongoing, but Adelle and Dan Csontos are hoping for answers.

“Words can’t express how much I love that dog. I can’t tell you how much I feel responsible for his suffering,” Adele Xuntos said through tears. “That’s probably what bothers me the most.”

Adelle Csontos said these haunting memories are only softened by her love for Merlin, who is still alive and healthy, and the hope that what happened to Mako will never happen again.

“The only light on this is making sure it doesn’t happen to another family,” Adele Xontos said.

NewsChannel 5 has reached out to the company owner multiple times via Facebook and by phone, but has received no response.

WPTV will follow up with the results of the autopsy once it is completed.

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