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Jason Kenny quits Alberta politics in letter critical of state of democracy

Former Alberta Premier Jason Kenny stepped down as a member of the Legislative Assembly in Calgary Lawheed late Tuesday afternoon.

In a tweet that included a statement, Kenny said, “Thank you to Congress and the voters who have been represented in Congress for the past 25 years.

The resignation came two hours after the Autumn Session’s throne address was read in parliament where Kenny was not present.

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Jason Kenny Announces Intention to Resign as UCP Leader

Kenny is proud of the work done during his time as leader, but a new government took office under Prime Minister Daniel Smith, who replaced him as UCP leader in October. , said now is the best time for him to step down from the MLA in state elections scheduled for May 2023.

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“This decision ends more than 25 years of elected service to Alberta and Canadians,” he said.

“I would especially like to thank the people of Southern Calgary for their support in the nine parliamentary and legislative elections that began in 1997. Thank you staff, civil servants, and 50 years of public service.”

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Kenny’s plan to step down as UCP leader shows how difficult it is to merge two parties: Political commentator

Kenny said he hoped to continue contributing to democratic life in the future, but decided to conclude his resignation in a poignant reflection of the state of politics.

“Whatever our shortcomings and imperfections, Canada and I believe Alberta is in many ways the envy of the world. This is no accident of history.”

Kenny went on to release the following statement:

“We are heirs to a great institution built around immutable principles generated by a particular historical context. Westminster’s parliamentary democracy, part of our constitutional monarchy, , guardians of a unique tradition of orderly freedom and the rule of law, all of which are founded on a belief in the inalienable dignity of the human person and a duty to promote the common good. The question is how these principles apply to specific problems.

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“But I am concerned that our democratic life is veering from the usual cautious debate to a polarization that undermines the institutions and principles upon which we are based.

“We are seeing moves from the far left to invalidate our history, outlaw our history-based institutions and practices, and divide society dangerously along identity lines. From, we find vengeful rage and toxic cynicism that often seeks to destroy rather than build and improve imperfect institutions.”

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‘Your man really messed up the dog,’ Kenny told federal about Coutts lockdown

“As we conclude 25 years of public service, we thank those who, through their wisdom and sacrifice, have created this magnificent land of opportunity. We hope that together we will renew our common life in this wondrous land filled with nature.”

Kenny announced his intention to step down as leader of the United Conservative Party in May.

Earlier Tuesday, Smith was inaugurated as the newest member of the Brooks Medicine Hat after winning a by-election earlier this month.

It was her first time back on the floor of Congress since the spring of 2015.

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At the time, Smith was in the Progressive Conservative Party and had led a large floor crossing of her Wild Rose Party a few months earlier. She failed to win her PC nomination in 2015 and returned to journalism for six years as a radio talk show host.

Kenny remained a UCP congressman’s back-venture until he resigned. It is not yet known when the by-election will be held in Calgary Lawheed.

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenny plans to step down as UCP leader after narrow leadership win

Kenny joins a long list of conservative Alberta leaders who were left out after a middling vote in a leadership review.

Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Ralph Klein resigned in 2006 with 55 percent of the vote. Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford said in their reviews that he scored 77 percent, but resigned from the top office because the party was backlashed.

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