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Google says Columbus firm cheated small businesses

Google has accused it of impersonating the Columbus company in order to target and defraud businesses.

Google sued the Columbus business in federal court, claiming it impersonated Google to defraud targeting smaller businesses.

Google is accusing the company, referred to as G Verifier in documents filed in federal court in Columbus, of seeking to charge business owners to verify and configure their business profiles, a service Google offers free of charge. increase.

Google is seeking a court order to stop G Verifier from continuing what Google called cheating.

Google claims it suffered at least $50,000 in damages, and G Verifier’s actions continue to harm Google and consumers.

“Today we will file a lawsuit against fraudsters who tried to defraud hundreds of small businesses by impersonating Google through telemarketing calls,” two Google executives said in a blog post posted Tuesday. . “They also created a website promoting the purchase of fake reviews, both positive and negative, to manipulate the reviews of their business profile on Google Search and Maps. and violates Google’s policy on deceptive content.

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