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Fast and Furious 7 airplane scene recreated in Grand Theft Auto 5

Thanks to fans, a beautifully timed recreation of Fast and Furious 7’s Plane Drop now exists in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

fan of fast and furious The franchise has a scene from the seventh movie grand theft auto 5Crossovers are common in video games and other media, and this fan-made scene is no exception. GTA is a quarter-century old and shows that the franchise is getting more and more fun every year. One fan decided to combine his two worlds, which revolve around speeding cars and adrenaline-filled scenarios.

Gameran video of the day

a grand theft auto 5 Fan 7BucksGaming has just stepped off the plane fast and furious 7 and it GTA Universe with Rockstar Editor. grand theft auto 5 on your computer. Both editing tools and Director’s Mode are rolled into one, allowing players to effectively configure, record, edit and share what they create.In this case it is a scene from fast and furious 7the crew, the vehicle and all are dropped to the ground below.

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The video begins like a movie, showing the line-up of vehicles and drivers inside the aircraft. The film’s narration and scenes GTA It gives the game a little more depth as the player character is just a Sim with a single emotion. The look of the bulldozer used to push Roman out of the plane is perhaps even more hilarious given the graphics and the player’s motionless mouth. It can lead to strange results.

Everything from the descent of the vehicle, the timing of the cinematic clip, and even the way the vehicle lands on the ground was expertly edited to create a smooth and enjoyable video. Even the cloud glitches, which were moving much faster than they actually were, provided an almost cinematic element to the rendition of the video game scene. fast and furious 7.

GTA Intersects with a variety of other games and media, including much milder, slice-of-lifestyle games animal crossingand half the fun of being a fan of the game comes from looking forward to what the franchise will inspire next. did. grand theft auto 6 Work in 2024 will see even more opportunities for crossovers.

grand theft auto 5 Available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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