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Council rated excellent across the board for ‘extraordinary’ practice under ‘visionary’ leadership

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Under its visionary leadership, the council was awarded all categories by Ofsted after inspectors found it provided “extraordinary” practices that made children feel “loved.” became the fifth council to be rated as outstanding in

North Lincolnshire joins Hampshire, Kensington, Chelsea, North Yorkshire and Westminster in its overall leadership, delivery of children in care, care leavers, and delivery of help and protection to children in need. was given the highest possible rating. Moon. At her last checkup in 2017, she was rated “excellent” and “good” in all categories except children needing help and protection.

The inspector described the council’s “visionary” corporate leadership team as “deeply committed” to its “unwavering ambition for children and families” and its deep understanding of the community and willingness to examine itself. praised.

Anne-Marie Matson, director of children’s services, said that social work “thrived” and was “an inspiring role model that helped foster a caring and caring culture” that helped children and their workforce to grow. It was particularly praised for “putting the

According to the research report, a “relationship-strength-based approach” enables children in need of support and protection to develop meaningful relationships with social workers, even when the intervention is time-limited. Parents, on the other hand, assured that social workers were trustworthy, helpful, top-notch, and that “they didn’t feel judged.”

Practitioners pay close attention to understanding family relationships and the child’s world, conduct comprehensive assessments that inform detailed planning, and help children with disabilities transition into adulthood. I did “creative” direct work.

Inspectors said child protection practices helped improve the situation of children and interventions were curtailed as a result of strong multi-agency planning that created clear expectations for families.

The Court and the Permanence Team were “strong advocates” for pursuing a child’s permanent option and were involved in the pre-procedure, giving parents the opportunity to make changes without unnecessary delays. rice field.

Ofsted found that the children in their care received “extraordinary services from workers who indicated they were cared for.”

“As a result, children told inspectors that they felt loved and heard,” the report said.

This was evident in the assessments and plans that communicated directly what the children said, and the “constant” pursuit of their permanence.

Practitioners were also “very sensitive to children’s stories and traumatic experiences” and were instrumental in “creating detailed culturally sensitive life journey work.”

Careleaver, on the other hand, benefited from “extensive support for practical, physical and emotional health and financial needs” arranged by a “sensitive and professionally curious” personal advisor.

The high quality of practice was underpinned by strong quality assurance. This gives leaders “a robust and clear outlook into practice, a manageable workload, low turnover, and a supervisory system that practitioners described as “a space for thinking and testing ideas.” is ready. .

Mr Ofsted said he did not see any areas in need of improvement in North Lincolnshire and that there were “very few areas of volatility” in what would otherwise be “exceptional practices”.

In response, Matson said: life and experience.

“We remain ambitious for our children, young people and families. As an organization committed to listening, learning, reviewing and adapting, we are committed to helping them continue to thrive in life. As such, we will continue to develop and innovate.”

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