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Car dealer Charlie Clark’s beloved Nana dies at 99

Nana, the car dealer Charlie Clark, who appeared in a dealership commercial and was the inspiration for his feature film, has died at the age of 99. Service is provided at McAllen.

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, whom Clark said had a huge impact on his life, died Tuesday, Charlie Clark Automotive Group announced in a news release. Clark has two dealers in El Paso, Charlie Clark Owner of Infiniti El Paso and Charlie Clark Nissan, with other dealers in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Throughout Charlie’s personal and professional life, her unconditional love has put an indelible mark on who Charlie-Clark Automotive Group is today,” the statement read. rice field.

“We are grateful for all the love and affection that was directed at her. Nana won our hearts and became our Nana symbol. She is and always will be. She will forever be a pillar to RGV, El Paso, (and) Laredo’s Nana…our Nana!” Charlie Clark said in an emailed statement. .

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, better known as Nana from car dealer Charlie Clark, died on Tuesday.

Aguirre is from Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and has spent most of his life in the Rio Grande Valley. She was the Clark family’s nanny for her four generations, and her love and care for Clark, combined with her cultural Mexican heritage, had a significant impact throughout her Clark’s life.

Clark said he grew up feeling like an adopted child in the Latinx community. He also enjoyed many gatherings with her extended family for Carne Asada. This is a tradition he has continued with his dealerships.

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