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Survey Reiterates Poor Employee Engagement and DHS Leadership Issues

The findings also show a pattern of diminishing leadership views as the level of supervision increases. Image: JHVEPhoto/

DHS released the results of this year’s Federal Employee Perspectives Survey. This shows that the sector is well below the government-wide average on key Employee Engagement Indexes, and points to problems with leadership in particular.

With an overall engagement score of 64, seven points below the government-wide average, DHS lagged behind in all three components of its index. Direct manager’s view, 76 vs 80. And 65 to 73 out of overall work experience.

Although OPM does not publish regular government-wide reports showing how agencies rank in terms of engagement, satisfaction, and other indicators, the numbers do rank DHS among agencies on these scores. This is consistent with the figures for the past few years, which were placed at the bottom of the list.

On the other hand, the survey also found that the items “identified as challenges” for statements such as “Arbitrary behavior, personal favoritism, and/or political coercion will not be tolerated in my organization.” There were five, with over 35% negative responses. “Management involves employees in decisions that affect their work”; “I believe the results of this survey will be used to make my agency a better place to work .”

The findings also show a pattern of diminishing leadership views as the level of supervision increases. In a section of the survey where agents add questions of particular interest, approximately 72% of participating employees responded positively to the statement “My boss cares about me,” while approximately 11% only responded negatively. (Reaction patterns were similar to “At my place of work, I trust my teammates” and the rest were neutral in both cases).

However, only about 45% were positive that my feedback was appreciated by leaders, and about 29% were negative. About 55% were positive, while 27% were negative.

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