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Green Motion Celebrates 15th Anniversary – Rental Business

Green Motion's international conference celebrated the brand's 15th anniversary with its franchise partners. - Photo: Greenmotion

Green Motion’s international conference celebrated the brand’s 15th anniversary with its franchise partners.

Photo: Green Motion

In early November, the Green Motion international conference marked the 15th anniversary of the brand’s launch. Over 150 franchisees and his partners from around the world joined the management team, held in Canary Wharf, London, to share the company’s vision for further expansion and profitability.

The conference was supported by notable guest presenters and industry experts from brands such as, Expedia, Priceline and CarTrawler, who provided expert insights.

Additionally, Green Motion participated in this year’s World Travel Market. The company discussed the launch of his five new markets. Four of his are for Green Motion and another is Jamaica for newly acquired American car rental brand U-Save. World Travel Market is the first to go public as a partner brand of Green Motion and U-Save.

Richard Lowden, Founder and CEO of Green Motion International, said: “It has been great to share our latest and exclusive technologies, products and services, and our vision for 2023 and beyond.”

“Following our birthday celebrations, one of the greatest World Travel Markets in our history, we welcomed several new franchise partners to our family. I hope it continues,” Lowden added.

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