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Fans turn “Andor” into a ’70s show.entertainment


Disney+ series just wrapped Andor It’s got the best press since mandalorianit’s no surprise that it’s already earned the love of spoofing.

comedy group oral notes I posted a take on the series as if it had aired on television in the 1970s. knight riderA sort of intro begins, leading to typical period cheesy music and title effects layered over the action of the show.

As its creator explains, “It was 1975. new hope Not released for another 2 years George Lucas known mainly as american graffiti Man.I just finished watching the latest episode of Bernie MillerAnd now we bring you tonight’s TV movie premiere. Get ready to travel to a distant galaxy that existed long ago. It’s spectacular sci-fi…ANDOR. It airs every Thursday night exclusively on ABC. ”

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