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Why Google Can’t Quit Ad Techgold siding

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ad tech? What kind of ad tech?

One of the reasons Google withholds when defending third-party ad tech businesses is that ad tech contributes very little to Google’s revenue. why not remove it?

But Google won’t quit, even under strong pressure to quit ad tech. wall street journal report.

Ad tech may be a small wedge in Google’s revenue pie, but the rest of the pie has been squeezed out of that wedge. In other words, Google’s ad technology is the best way to monetize YouTube and search. For example, P-MAX, New go-to gadget in Google’s ad tech toolkitGmail, Maps, Search, YouTube and the Google Ads Network automatically serve ads.

I also understand why Google doesn’t talk about ad tech (especially when politicians are around).

Apple CEO Tim Cook almost pretends he’s never heard of advertising when asked about it. During Apple’s earnings call last week, an investor asked about Apple’s rapidly growing multi-billion dollar advertising business.

“Our particular advertising business isn’t big, and it’s not that big compared to other businesses,” was Cook’s only guidance. “But they don’t publish exact numbers. But they’re obviously not big.”

privacy agreement

Television measurements are a messy jumble of data. Imagine cable cords tangled like never before. This means a huge opportunity for data owners and cleanups.

privacy-preserving audience matching tools such as clean room software Provider Blockgraph is the next step in television attributes, David Kline, president of Charter-owned Spectrum Reach, said at Paramount’s Addressable Now Summit in New York City. (but, Blockgraph is jointly owned by Charter, Comcast and Paramount. )

And Kantar, which operates a panel-based TV measurement service, announced Since the Blockgraph integration, we’ve seen a 10x increase in data concordance.

Rob Katz, VP of Products and Strategic Partnerships at Kantar, told AdExchanger: But between the loss of signal on the one hand and the growing data requirements of advertisers on the other, matching modeled panel data with deterministic data is the best way to extend reach and measurement. says Katz.

Can we get a little “certified” here?

When it comes to brand safety and social media, you may already be sick of it. I’m sorry, but please take your medicine.

Twitter has been addressing brand safety concerns since its acquisition of Elon Musk and delisting of its stock. But Meta actually has Media Rating Council certification for his level of brand safety on Facebook and has positive news on the topic. media post report.

This certification covers Facebook direct monetization management by Meta, i.e. ads placed directly within content such as Instant Articles and in-stream videos. Ads placed within news feeds are not eligible.

Also, certification only applies to content in specific languages. Facebook in-stream videos are available in 26 languages ​​(including English) and Instant Articles are available in his 8 languages ​​(including English). I checked another box. MRC’s standards included the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. Floors and Conformance Framework.

Meta has been certified after a two-year audit of Meta’s brand safety solutions. (2 years!)

And the timing couldn’t have been better for Meta. 2022 Third Quarter Pro forma Earnings Report.

But wait.

Why Semafor CRO’s Rachel Oppenheim bucks trends with direct-sell advertising and event sponsorship revenue streams. [Digiday]

Twitter offers blue check validation for $8/month subscriptions. [Bloomberg]

Emplifi acquires commerce and content marketing company Pixlee. [release]

Paramount restructures advertising sales around agencies. [Ad Age]

you have been hired!

In-house agency Oliver has promoted its global chief inclusion officer, Amina Folarin, to CEO. [Campaign]

Sports sponsorship platform Relo Metrics hires Jay Prasad as CEO. [release]

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