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Soundbites: Weekly Press Conference (Georgia Tech)

Tech head coach Brent Prye and defensive lineman Cole Nelson to speak to media on Tuesday

November 1, 2022 14:12:00

Virginia Tech Football met with the media on Tuesday to discuss this week’s matchup against Georgia Tech.Read below to find out which tech head coach Brent Pry and defensive lineman Cole Nelson I had to say

head coach Brent Pry

Opening Statement:

“There isn’t much to get started other than being excited to be back at Lane Stadium and the team is excited. It’s a Hall of Fame game and it’s been great. The Hawkeyes in the Hall of Fame.It’s great to see so many people back in town.You know,we were encouraged by some of the things we did in Raleigh this week.We also made .”

On my impressions of Georgia Tech since the coaching change:

“They didn’t make that many mistakes. They were shooting themselves in the leg. They blocked some kicks. Things calmed down a bit. They’re simplifying things. I I think they have good athleticism on both sides of the ball, I think. Quarterback, if he’s healthy, he’s certainly hard to defend. He throws the ball fast. I think it’s a good football team.They have a good brand defense.I know what [Georgia Tech’s defensive coordinator] Defensive, man under him. I know the defensive staff very well. I think they’re good coaches and a reflection of how they’re playing right is important to Brent [Key], head coach, it’s his alma mater. Georgia Tech means a lot to him. I think he’ll get the best out of that group and that’s what we’re seeing.”

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defensive lineman Cole Nelson

On where he feels the team is at this point in the season:

“I feel like every match we’ve played has shown a little bit of what kind of team we can be. We just have to finish. We We’re always talking about how close we are each game, and personally, as a team, I think it’s sickening to hear that we’re so close, but we can’t finish.”

On how his offensive ability showed in the North Carolina State game:

“We always knew the offense was capable of that performance. We have to show that on the field.We practice very hard every week.We have to show that on the field. As a defense, we really love watching an offense like that and it gave us a lot of hope.

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