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Paid Political Letters: Hinenkamp Shows Smart Leadership on Senior Issues – Albert Lee Tribune

Paid Political Letters: Hinenkamp Shows Wise Leadership on Senior Issues

Released at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Mary Hinenkamp is a candidate for 23A of the Minnesota House of Representatives and best represents the interests of our district’s seniors.

In May, Peggy Bennett voted against the House Compromise Tax Bill (HF 3669), which includes repealing the Social Security tax. This was a Republican priority, and his DFL, which holds a majority in the House, compromised, but did not include enough tax cuts for the wealthy to gain Bennett’s approval.

Mary Hinenkamp understands that property tax increases are a bigger burden than income taxes for most seniors living at home. I handled it.

they are not the same thing. Property taxes are regressive and income taxes are progressive. Property taxes are based on the home’s assessed value, not income level. For seniors with a fixed income, the burden will increase when the property tax increases. Senator Bennett does not seem to understand this inevitable difference.

Vote for Mary Hinnenkamp for her wise leadership in senior matters. Elderly people can rely on Mary.

Virgie Aspel

Albert Lee

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