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One downtown business closed and another sold

Central Depot, 103 W. Depot, Knoxville, December 2017

Businesses have a natural life cycle. Your favorite business will change with the times and will not last forever. Two downtown hotspots are currently in the midst of these changes.

Central Depot has enjoyed nearly five years of execution. This is impressive, if for no other reason than that most of its execution took place during a global pandemic. Opened in December 2017, they were just over two years away from changing the world. Founded by Will Bolduc and Danny Carter, Will acquired Danny in 2019. The bar has become a favorite spot for patrons, and this Halloween night they gathered one last time to say goodbye to Will and the bar. He hinted that perhaps another project is in the works.

Broadway Grill, 900 East Hill Avenue, Knoxville, November 2022

Also, as of October 1, Don DeVore and Lauren DeVore sold Broadway Market to Al Manzi. This is another business that started about five years ago in the first small location on Broadway. It moved down a few doors and in December 2019 moved to its current location at 900 East Hill Avenue. Don said last year he had some serious health issues and was considering selling after the reopening, and for now Don is planning his next move, with Lauren telling him he’s working with Sysco. The account is on his executive.

I spoke with Al to learn why he got to this point and what to expect from the restaurant going forward. is. Since then he has had a wide range of jobs, the longest of which was as a truck driver, where he has been driving for about 15 years.

He said Tennessee loves him when it comes time to renew his license. It also owns the Allstate business) and is currently adding another business.

His grandparents have owned Bill and Peggy’s Restaurant off Cedar Bluff for years, where he started his restaurant. In the years that followed, he enjoyed cooking and was tagged to cook at family gatherings, where he had six children (from the age of 16 to triplets who were almost three years old). As I pointed out, dinner time is like running a small restaurant. His wife, Jessica, is the night shift nurse at Rocky’s top nursing home.

Broadway Grill, 900 East Hill Avenue, Knoxville, November 2022

He recently started looking for restaurants to buy and approached one in South Knoxville. He worked through a broker, but one night he came across a mention of his Market on Broadway while reading Facebook. He contacted Don, who invited him to work with him over her week. He enjoys food and was convinced that it was a challenge he wanted to take on.

The first change he made to the business was to change the name from Broadway Market to Broadway Grill, but the signage hasn’t changed yet. He’s quitting seafood and will focus on a variety of burgers and wraps.He’s barbecue with onions on his rings.He’s pork.He’s burgers.Oranges. I said I have a list of many burgers, even burgers. In November, I introduced the croissant burger that Urban Woman and I enjoyed at dinner last night.

Another idea he’s heard is a fat sandwich that takes a burger and fries, cheese, etc. and shoves them into the sandwich. He’s going to introduce this idea in wraps and call it his Fat Wrap. There will also be a corresponding lean wrap with more health-conscious ingredients. It will be introduced this week.

He also plans to sell dinners such as pork chop dinners and pulled BBQ dinners. He offers fries, onion rings, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and fried okra. He eats hushpuppies and a side salad.

Al Munsey, Broadway Grill, 900 East Hill Avenue, Knoxville, November 2022

But the focus is on the burgers, he says, and you can have them any way you like them. , includes 8 ounces of beef.If you want a 1 pound burger, we also offer a double. He also has smaller menu items for children and people with lighter appetites.

So far, the number of customers has been slowly increasing, he said. He is open more hours Monday through Friday from 11am to 8pm, serving lunch and dinner. Customers can dine in or run. He said Saturdays are an option for the future, he said at the moment he is one member of his staff but hopes to increase the number of employees as the business grows.

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