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New business in Sioux Falls makes and sells gluten-free baking mixes

Jennifer Johnson, creator of Gluten Free Please, recently went into business selling gluten- and nut-free baking mixes available at Chef Ellen's in Sioux Falls.

For those looking for a gluten-free cake mix, look no further, said Jennifer Johnson, creator of Gluten Free Please, LLC.

From chocolate cake to Irish soda bread, Johnson makes and sells gluten- and nut-free baking mixes for people to use. Some mixes also do not contain other ingredients such as milk or sugar.

“For someone like me who gets very sick, it’s very important to avoid them,” Johnson said. I have.”

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Health issues, positive feedback create business inspiration

Johnson started having digestive issues in 2005 and went gluten-free on the recommendation of her doctor, but that didn’t cure all her problems. Diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis and IBS in 2017, I had to assume a gluten-free as well as a low FODMAP diet.

“I love baking, so I knew I needed to figure out what to do,” Johnson said.

Gluten Free Please, LLC currently offers 12 gluten- and nut-free baking mixes, including biscuits and Irish soda bread.

But the store-bought mix didn’t cut it.

“Especially in 2005, it’s very limited to what you have to find that’s gluten-free,” she said.

She instead started developing her own base mixes and used them to bake products for years. was after using

“They said, ‘This is so good. Give me the recipe.’ ‘Make it again.’ And since these people weren’t gluten-free, the fact that they loved it meant a lot.

Other South Dakota Chefs Start Businesses With The Help Of Bakers

Gluten Free Please, LLC's chocolate cake mix is ​​always a hit with many.

And a year ago she discovered the FAST Launch program in South Dakota. This is a program designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses start and scale their businesses.

Her new dream began to come true when Johnson approached Sioux Falls chef Ellen Doerr and asked if she would be interested in selling the mix in her store. Chef Ellen said so.

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