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Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne continues to show greatness, says Paul news

In his latest Sky Sports column, Paul Merson says Kevin De Bruyne remains a great player and insists on including Callum Wilson in the World Cup.

De Bruyne continues to deliver greatness

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Like all of us, words are not enough to describe Kevin De Bruyne. You see a lot of players with ups and downs, but De Bruyne is consistently good. There is no doubt that he is a talented player, but he belongs to a select group of players who have been successful year after year, along with the likes of Paul He Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

How many times have you seen a player who has a good season, gets a big deal, and then quickly disappears? You can pull them off forever. But the spirit of wanting to stay on top, the spirit of growing to be the best of the best, that is the measure of greatness.

People have short memories with football. If you were walking down the street and asked someone for the names of his top 20 attacking players who have played in the Premier League, Robert wouldn’t mention a name like his Pires. saw. De Bruyne doesn’t have that possibility. It speaks to how great he is.

I didn’t know he negotiated his own contract at Manchester City but that doesn’t surprise me. He comes across as a no-nonsense guy who just wants to play football. Get the feeling that you would!

He knows that if he plays well and does the right thing, all the extras around football will come. He completely ripped it up at Manchester City. He is one of the best players in Premier League history.

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‘Amazing’ Rashford reaches century

When I heard that Marcus Rashford had scored 100 goals for Manchester United, I almost fell out of my chair. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t believe he scored so many goals. If someone said he scored 45 goals, he’d be almost right, but 100 goals is staggering.

He’s not a goalscorer, he’s not like Harry Kane. He’s a player who sometimes or at least chips in what perception is. It’s a cup final for every side facing Manchester United and everyone wants to beat them, so Rashford’s high goalscoring so far is an achievement of some degree. .

Naturally, some people don’t get the credit they deserve, but it shows that more people get it than they deserve. Rashford doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he started so young and surprised people that people expect him to stay at that top level forever.

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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has opened up about his performances last season.

He had his first real drop in confidence last season, but it was fair play for him.

The biggest compliment I can give to Rashford is that when he scores, you think he can’t go wrong.

Why Wilson Should Go To The World Cup

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I think Rashford will go to the World Cup. He can play in several positions, outside and middle and still make a difference.There are not many players in England who can play up front and maintain their presence.

Rashford has been around for a while. He is young and experienced. I know he was left out of the final team, but it would have been a shock if he wasn’t on the plane to Qatar.

What Rashford has, beating center forwards such as Callum Wilson and Ivan Tony, is his versatility. Wilson and Tony are straight in the middle, while Rashford can do a three-man attack left or right as needed. He can do jobs that others cannot.

I like Wilson and Tony. I would be shocked if Wilson didn’t make it to the World Cup. As I said from the beginning, Wilson has an international movement. he is playing with his shoulders His movements are phenomenal.

If England are in trouble and need a goal, Gareth Southgate will need to look to the bench. Wilson scored inside the 6-yard box. There is a skill to it, a skill that no other English forward has mastered except Kane.

Liverpool lose fear factor

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Losing to Nottingham Forest and Leeds after Liverpool’s performance against Manchester City is unforgivable. Liverpool took one step forward, four steps back!

Only players can perform like they did against City, Forest and Leeds. Only the player knows the difference at that time.

After our performance against City, we thought: With Forest and Leeds next out, it was an opportunity for Liverpool to take off. But now they face a big problem. Jürgen Klopp must be growing his hair out.

The team is no longer afraid of Liverpool. It’s slowly reflecting what happened at Old Trafford.As a player, I was afraid to go to Manchester United. You used to play well there and still lose, but nowadays you can win there if you play well. If we play well for Liverpool now, we have a good chance of winning.

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Jürgen Klopp has asked people to reserve judgment on him and his part until the end of the season.Liverpool are ninth in the Premier League, 15 points behind leaders Arsenal

Liverpool are losing the fear factor and this season is worse than they have already defended their title. The 2020/21 season has just won the league title for the first time in several years. I was able to understand that season, I was there, I won the league and everyone knew what the next season was like they wanted to beat you rice field.

But now it’s completely different, Liverpool know it. They have that experience and there is no excuse for their performance this season.

The Story of the Missing Mane

Sadio Mane of Bayern celebrates after the German Bundesliga football match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich in Frankfurt, Germany, on Friday, August 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)
Liverpool will miss Sadio Mane, according to Paul Merson

I’ve said many times how big the loss of Sadio Mane was for Liverpool, but I was told it wasn’t because of their struggles. My question is if it’s not a mane what is it?

When Liverpool were at their best in the business of scoring goals from up front, they were taking the ball back high and scoring inside the pass. When was the last time they did that?

After that, there were 20 odd goals Mane would score during the season, often the winner or the first goal of the match. With Mane gone, Liverpool will have to find a way to cope without him.

Arsenal played badly at Southampton and Leeds but escaped defeat, while Liverpool lose when they play badly. They are in a similar position to what Arsenal found last season.

Liverpool’s prospects have all changed since the start of the season. They are no longer Premier League title contenders. We need to be in the top four and secure Champions League football. It’s a simple matter. If they don’t make the top four, Mane’s sale for £30m is going to start looking really, really bad.

Did Klopp take Liverpool as far as he could?

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Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp downplays Liverpool’s slow start to games this season

Does Klopp think he has robbed Liverpool as much as possible? Liverpool will have to keep him, but it will be his, whenever they make a decision.

Klopp is an elite manager. He doesn’t have the job of finishing fourth in the league. For a director who doesn’t seem to be successful.

Klopp will want change. They spent his £85million on Darwin Nunez, but that was him one player.

It’s been a tough job for Klopp to win the league after so many years with Liverpool. He takes off his socks and kicks every ball on the touchline. Like any player, Klopp gets tired, but he gets tired when he’s not winning more than when he’s winning.

It must be remembered that most of the players in this group have preyed upon it over the past six years. It will hit any player in the end, I don’t care who you are. Liverpool are not lazy. They are a hard working team and work hard.

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