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The Cherry Lounge reopened on Monday after interior repairs to the ceiling were completed.

The Cherry Lounge reopened on Monday after an issue with the sprinkler system that caused the restaurant to temporarily close.

Cherry Lounge manager Dawn Constantine said the restaurant’s reopening was a success despite the Halloween festivities that prevented many people from dining at the restaurant on Monday.

“Very well” she said. “Because it was Halloween, many people were at home and trick-or-treating, but we were pretty busy, so there were no complaints.

The Cherry Lounge closed unexpectedly for two weeks beginning in mid-October due to a sprinkler system failure by another tenant in the building at 326 Cherry Street.

“There was a malfunctioning sprinkler system” Constantine said. “There were some people working upstairs in the property above us who hit the sprinkler on the head and accidentally exploded.”

The Cherry Lounge was recently closed for two weeks following an accident that caused severe water damage to the restaurant’s sprinkler system.Posted photo

A sprinkler system provided water to the restaurant’s dining room, warehouse, and ladies’ room. Constantine said the restaurant has remained closed for two weeks because the restaurant’s ceiling had to be replaced as a result of water damage.

Constantine said it will be a challenge for the restaurant to complete repairs and thoroughly clean everything before it reopens on Monday.The restaurant has also lost business revenue for two weeks. rice field. This is a difficult task to navigate for restaurants facing inflation, supply he chain problems, and rising costs with rising minimum wages. Nonetheless, Constantine said he hopes the insurance will help the restaurant cover the costs associated with the temporary closure.

Constantine said the community reaction to the reopening of the Cherry Lounge was “Very positive.”

“We posted on Facebook that we were reopening and all the reactions have been very positive.” she said.

After 38 years in business, Constantine said community members “Happy” To hear the news of restaurant reopening.

“People were happy that we were back in business.” she said.

The continued support of the Cherry Lounge by the community is very important to Constantine.

“We have great customers who have been very supportive of us over the years and we really appreciate this business.” she said. “It’s kept us moving forward and I hope it continues for many more years.”

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