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US Healthcare Tech Company Launches AI Platform to Address and Reduce Doctor Burnout Worldwide

Kansas City, Missouri, November 1, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Redpoint Summit announces the product release of a game-changer purpose-built to automate and accelerate workflows within electronic medical records.

Medication Order Favorites uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track physician usage patterns to streamline time spent on EMRs and reduce burnout. This revolutionary product helps doctors spend less time behind the keyboard entering data into her EMR and more time with additional patients. According to the American Medical Association, “a doctor can spend up to two hours…for each hour she spends face-to-face with a patient.”

The founders of Redpoint Summit partnered with Nebraska Medicine, a private, non-profit healthcare company, to specifically design and build a digital system to combat burnout. Clinical burnout is a significant problem for healthcare systems around the world. Hospitals are experiencing high turnover and rising costs. “Approximately 25% of clinicians are considering a career change. Of those considering leaving the field completely, 89% cite burnout as a primary cause,” Redpoint Summit said in its authors. He is Dr. Erin Ney, Michael Brookshire When Joshua Weissbrod.

Even as COVID levels ease, healthcare workers face burnout. Canada’s global news. “After two years of extreme pandemic work, doctors and nurses say they are experiencing unprecedented burnout and mental exhaustion. We are completely destroyed.”

Benefits of using Redpoint Summit’s new Medication Order Favorites include:

  • Medication Order Favorites do not consume end-user time or require changes by IT staff.
  • No manual builds or ongoing maintenance required.
  • The EMR is constantly updated based on the user’s current ordering patterns.

As the CIO of a large healthcare system told Redpoint:

Redpoint Summit will continue to build out its portfolio of physician efficiency products, from streamlining documents to managing order sets, said the CEO. Chuck Schneider“Our vision is to be the world’s leading clinical data analytics company. From analytics, we can improve costs and patient outcomes,” said co-founder and board member Schneider. I am Brian Lancaster and advisor Dr. Michael AshExecutive Vice President of Nebraska Medicine.

“There’s actually an industry term called ‘pajama time,’ which means that doctors go home at night to finish paperwork,” he says. added Schneider, who visited the hospital system.

About Redpoint Summit

Redpoint Summit is a healthcare technology company focused on reducing clinician burnout through personalization of electronic medical records at scale. The company evaluates each clinician through AI data analytics to identify patterns of electronic medical record usage. Redpoint Summit uses automation to build streamlined content to reduce frustration and time spent in EMR. Redpoint He will be founded and based in 2021. Kansas City, Missouri Partnership with Nebraska Medicine Omaha, Nebraska It was founded to combat clinician burnout, improve clinician efficiency, and reduce healthcare costs.

Media contact:
name: Chuck Schneider
Phone: (816) 327-2797
Email: [email protected]

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