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Reported car theft on Springdale Road in Coleraine Township

Reported car theft on Springdale Road in Coleraine Township

We follow this – okay. I will file this until evening. Shelly: About the chilling exchange between the murder victim’s family and the man in prison tonight. Mike: This is her one of the few key pieces of information we learned today about the disappearance and murder of two of her teenage girls over five years ago. WLWT NEWS His 5th generation TODD DYKES participates in the latest work. Todd. Reporter: An example is that people follow you very closely. Police in Delphi, Indiana say the family of 13-year-old Abbie Williams and her 14-year-old Libby German are one step closer to justice tonight. Authorities confirmed today that 50-year-old Richard Allen has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder. Two teenage girls went missing in 2017 during a hiking trip in their hometown of Delphi. Police said Allen also called Delphi and gave credit for renting his home to the idea that the girl’s suspected killer was hiding in front of him. Also today, Libby German’s grandmother, Becky Patty, said Allen processed the film once for the family at the local CVS store and didn’t charge a loved one who picked up the photos. didn’t elaborate on the frosty encounter, but did explain that he feels the suspect has finally been taken into police custody. >> I don’t feel like I thought I would. I always said I was screaming on the roof. But we are not. sad. While someone was arrested – you know, our lives, for five and a half years, our lives were in search, search mode. Reporter: You can almost hear the exhaustion of Libby German’s grandmother. Considering she and everyone in the small city of Delphi have lived through the years, the exhaustion makes sense. TODD ​​DYKES, WLWT NEWS 5. Mike: Todd, as you mentioned, we’ve been involved in this issue in America as well as the world. Is there anything else you can tell us about how and why Richard Allen was arrested? >> Not very much Right now, it is explained that the prosecutor’s actions in this case are anomalous. It’s for NICHOLAS MCLELAND said the judge agreed to seal the claim documents and information about the probable cause to preserve the integrity of the investigation, which is still ongoing. That means certain details about Allen’s arrest are off-limits, even to his teenage family members of the two who were murdered. I have many questions. We need to wait and hope to get an answer in time. Shelly: Some people might be watching a news conference and they’ll have all the answers answered, but often that’s not the case. That is the case today. Mike: Breaking Tonight. A woman died in Avondale after police said someone shot her in her car SHELLY: A police officer was shot on the road near Linton in the morning just before 3pm on this day. Responded to read. DANIELLE DINDAK from WLWT NEWS 5 is live on the latest scene. Hello Daniel. Reporter: A woman was shot and killed behind me on the reading road. Her car was found at this intersection. This intersection is currently very busy. The scene just cleared. See how it looked earlier today. Tell me a woman was driving this silver Nissan SUV. When she was towed she noticed she had at least 5 blow holes on the passenger side. Most of the reading trails were closed. This is her by the K of RALLIES, built in 1819, with dozens of shells her casting in the seat-street. The shot appears to be from another car. They insist they are investigating. I had the opportunity to speak with witnesses at the scene, they were indeed cars, the gunfire was as subdued as a helicopter landing. listen to what they say. >> She was shot, hit another car and stopped. The Good Samaritan helps her and breaks her car window to get her out. When I arrived the other officer arrived at the same time and immediately started CPR on her – we expect another update coming soon. Sherry: We will continue to check. A week of mourning is underway in South Korea after at least 155 people died as a crowd was crushed at a Halloween party. This is a store that takes your breath away when you first hear about it. It turns out she was one of her 26 foreigners who died, a woman from Fort Mitchell. ANNE GIESKE graduated from beech wood last year. And she was studying abroad through England. Sherry: People say she’s a very nice person. We live in Fort Mitchell for the response. Reporter: Completely shattered. For her family, friends, Fort Mitchell, and this school. It helped shape her goals, including college, nursing, and travel. This is Ann Gieske who makes dreams come true. For many years she wanted to study abroad. Seoul, South Korea would be the chance. She was one of her more than 150 victims of the Halloween stampede abroad.A devastating blow to Austin Braley, her band director all the time she was at Beachwood High

Reported car theft on Springdale Road in Coleraine Township

Report of auto theft on Springdale Road in Coleraine Township. Click the video player above for other evening headlines from WLWT News 5. Click here for live traffic updates. This article was curated by his WLWT Alerts desk at Hearst. This incident? If so, upload it to Be sure to include your name and other details so we can show proper credit online and on TV.

Report of auto theft on Springdale Road in Coleraine Township.

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This article was curated by Hearst’s WLWT Alert Desk.
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