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Predictions and Predictions for the 2022-23 Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Season

With the season just one week away, the Virginia Tech Hawkeyes have a chance to put a grueling football season behind them and focus on defending their title for their ACC Champions men’s basketball team. The roster has undergone some changes, with Keve Aluma, Storm Murphy, Nahiem Alleyne, David N’Guessan, and John Ojiako moving on, but this is one that, in recent memory, has deep roots in all positions. It could be the deepest roster of any Hokies out there. In this article, focusing on expectations for players, teams and individual players, the VTScoop team makes some predictions about what the season will be like.

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The Hokies have lost the above talents, especially Keve Aluma, but the team has plenty of talented upperclassmen who could make a big impact. The non-conference schedule kicks off Monday, November 7, against Delaware State, the night the team plans to hoist his ACC championship banner. Dayton, Minnesota and Oklahoma State are profiled as the toughest opponents for the Hawkeyes.

The conference slate is where things get tough, and while the teams don’t have extended stretches of road, there aren’t many breaks filled with teams predicted to be at the bottom of the conference. start playing against. North Carolina is expected to be a frontrunner for the conference and national titles, but that’s the only time the Hokies will face the Tar Heels. Unfortunately, the Hawkeyes have faced Duke, Virginia, and Miami twice, and all three are projected to top the conference. Click here for a full schedule breakdown of the conference from the time it was released.

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It’s hard to start talking about the players on the roster without focusing on Justyn Mutts and Hunter Cattoor. The Mats were the Hokies’ star last season, but are back for an eligible extra season due to the year of Covid.Last year, Justin averaged his 10.1 points, 7.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game. , the success rate from the perimeter was 33%. Cattoor averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists per game, and from the perimeter he achieved 41.7%. Virginia Tech last season was known as one of the best perimeter shooters in the country.

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Darius Maddox and Sean Pedulla were two other repeaters named starters and both finished the season very well. Maddox was the team’s best 3-point shooter and made his 50.6% of his attempts during the season. Sean was second on the team in 3-point shooting percentage with 44.7% for the year. Pedula finished the year splitting his time roughly evenly with fifth-grader Storm Murphy, and Maddox cut Allen’s time significantly, ending up playing 20+ minutes in every postseason game.

According to Mike Young, the last starting spot is still up for grabs, but it is widely expected that Wright State transfer Grant Basil will finish it off and take the center spot. Over the past two seasons, he has dominated the Horizon League, averaging 18.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2 assists and 1.6 blocks per game. Can’t replace Alma’s performance on both ends of the court, and Kev and Grant have very different games, but Basil reflects well on the Hokies’ roster, including some nice shots off the perimeter. I have some skills.


After these five starters, the team boasts many newcomers.

John Camden missed last season due to injury on a move to Memphis.A versatile 6’9″ winger who can also play in the post, Camden has increased positional versatility with his athleticism and three-point shooting. increase. John was a prime target for the Hawkeyes out of high school, and Virginia Tech were very happy to land him for the second time.

Mylyjael Poteat is a rice transfer that only played for a limited amount of time, but was very effective during that time. Poteat has already impressed since arriving on campus, and his combination of size and athleticism seems to have no problem converting to the ACC. Mylyjael is the Hokies power he has the potential to play at forward or center.

Mylyjael potato

Lynn Kidd barely played for Virginia Tech last season after moving from Clemson, but coaches have raved about his progress if they could get him this offseason. Whether it’s at a basketball-focused event or in conversations with the media, staff at Virginia Tech talk about the light shining through on Kidd and how excited he is to contribute. It remains to be seen what this improvement means, but it looks like the 6’10” center will play an important role this season.

Rodney Rice is a highlight of Virginia Tech’s recruiting class and should be a major contributor if he returns from injury in late November or early December. Rice is the definition of a playmaker, someone who can create his own shots but can get a good look at his teammates’ looks. have the ability to collect

MJ Collins looks like the final major rotation piece for the Hokies. Collins wasn’t as flashy, but he’s impressed and should be part of the rotation for the entire season, even after Rice returns from injury.Collins is a slick guard who can create bounce, but he’s impressive. midrange shows his game. It’s hard to know what to expect without meeting you in person, but there’s a lot of chatter that Collins will make an impact.

MJ Collins
MJ Collins (Photo: 247 Sports)

Patrick Wessler and Darren Buchanan are two other scholarship players on the roster but face entering the rotation as freshmen on Mats, Basil, Kidd, Poteet and Camden. Wessler has had some of the best sizes to graduate from Virginia Tech in the last few years, and Buchanan can show the potential to score for himself or involve others, with a gritty Already earned some accolades as a young Mats who is an accomplished playmaker. If fans see a lot of these two of him, it likely means that the Hawkeyes are winning games in a big way, and they won’t be disappointed with the proposition.



I am a firm believer that the ACC is better than the ratings of the past few seasons and this season seems to be very difficult.UNC has found a perfect replacement for just about everyone and regains the lost. increase. Duke will always reload. Virginia recalled all the starters and added Ben Vander Plath. Notre Dame revives insane talent. This league is top and will be a challenge, but I expect Virginia Tech to challenge that group well and be right behind them, with the Hokies finishing somewhere in the 5 to 7 range. , and it is expected that there will be only one game between the teams in those slots. The Hokies finished 12-8 in the conference, where he went 21-10.

Top Producer: hunter cat. Justyn Mutts was almost called here, but Cattoor has proven himself one of the team’s best defenders and his most consistent 3-point shooter with the most attempts. I think Cattoor will explode averaging close to 15 points per game this season. Combine that with his defense and Cattoor is primed for a big season.

Biggest Surprise: It’s very close for me between the two players, but I’m going with MJ Collins. Rice won’t be playing anytime soon, so Collins will be seen often early on, so I think he can show off that skill set either as backup his points as his guard or off guard behind Cattoor and Maddox. Some may expect Collins to fade, but I really expect Collins to have a strong season and play all year.


Virginia Tech next year will be very different without Keve Aluma, Storm Murphy, David N’Guessan, Nahiem Alleyne and John Ojiako. Many of these names were important in last season’s ACC championship run, but I believe Virginia Tech is back and added depth that could put the team into another rift with title opportunities. Grant Basile was one of the hottest names on the transfer portal due to his scoring ability at four positions. His presence would lessen the blow of Alma’s absence and create a formidable frontcourt alongside Justin Matz. Additionally, Mylyjael Poteat looks like Mike Young could be a player who could fully unleash his potential. , Lynn Kidd, John Camden, Darren Buchanan, and Patrick Wessler give the Hokies height, length and athleticism in the frontcourt. The upper limit may be determined by frontcourt performance. I’m really looking forward to seeing this group add another dimension to a team that is already playing an excellent return his guard his. Not only did Darius Maddox build on his stellar postseason record to add minutes to Alleyne, but Pedula boosted Murphy’s minutes last season and should be comfortable as the leading point guard. Cattoor is arguably as influential as Mutts and these two will be the leaders of this team. Rodney Rice is the X Factor. A DeMatha Catholic Top 70 player, Rice is expected to be a great player one day, but how quickly he can adapt to the college level could help him push the ceiling on this Virginia Tech team, too. . Overall, I feel really good about the quality of depth in many positions and if some of the new names can perform at similar levels in their previous stops against the ACC competition, Virginia Tech will It just improves the results of the season.

Most Valuable Player: Justin Matz

Underrated players: Mylyjael potato

Record prediction: 21-10 (ACC 12-8)


Record prediction: 22-9 (12-8)
We expect this year’s ACC to be significantly improved. That means conference play will be rough and undulating. It’s important to hold serve at home while hoping to steal an important road win or two along the way.

Most Valuable Player: Justin Matz
It’s going to be a fun year for Mutts. He’s already been a beloved and highly productive player in Virginia Tech history and now has a full season to cement that.Tech He says basketball is one of the few legends these days. I didn’t get the chance. Justin Robinson’s ankle injury prematurely ended the glorious end to his career. Malcolm Delaney never earned an NCAA berth. Mutts is expected to play a big role and become one of his top frontcourt players in the conference.

Sleeper player: G hunter cat
It feels strange to say that Cattoor was asleep after his performance against Duke at the ACC Championship, but it shows just how good a sniper like Cattoor is as one of the most experienced players in the country. I think people are a little underestimated.
He should be comfortable in every environment and in every situation. And if they get comfortable with a guy who’s as good a shooter as Cattoor, they’re going to have a big night.
He’s often compared to UVA’s Ty Jerome a few years ago. With his experience and balanced skill set, in a very healthy clip he’s a man to have a big season along with his ability to make 3-pointers. I think people are sleeping on how influential he can be this year.

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