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Portland Startup Raises $5.5M for Technology That Monitors the Trustworthiness of Cloud Products – GeekWire

Metlist dashboard for monitoring cloud services. (Metrist image)

Metlist, a Portland-based startup designed to monitor the reliability of cloud services and products such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure, launched Tuesday with $5.5 million in funding. I was.

The company was co-founded by CEO Jeff Martens and CTO Ryan Duffield. His DevOps experience dates back to roles at PagerDuty, New Relic, Netdata, and Server Density.

According to Metlist, most digital businesses use over 100 cloud dependencies to power their products and businesses. The startup says its technology will give organizations real-time visibility into these dependencies so they can effectively address outages.

The goal is to eliminate the need for businesses to rely on social media or sites like Downdetector for information, and eliminate the wait for vendors to update their status pages.

Metrist co-founders Jeff Martens (left) and Ryan Duffield. (Metrist photo)

In a blog post on Tuesday, Duffield said Metrist “uses end-to-end functional testing and in-app monitoring to create unparalleled visibility.” The company’s dashboard allows users to see the status, performance, and reliability of all their vendors in one place.

Seed round investors include Heavybit, Morado, PagerDuty co-founder Alex Solomon, and co-founders Scott Klein and Steve Klein.

Metlist employs a distributed team of 12 full-time employees.

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