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Perkins puts politics in the Maine family

Recently, I received a postcard from the Republican Party in Maine claiming that Mike Perkins would “always put Maine family first, not Maine politics.” Before you believe this to be the case, take a look at Perkins’ voting record. He votes along partisan lines most of the time.

In the final session, Perkins voted against LD 1679, which provides free school meals to all students in Maine. He prioritized politics over family in Maine and voted against a bipartisan bill to address food insecurity affecting one of his four Maine children. The law is incredibly popular and admired by Maine people, and has become a national model for addressing childhood food insecurity.

When you receive these emails promising to cut your energy costs or stave off inflation if elected, ask yourself: If he hasn’t done it in the last six years, why can we trust him to do it now?

Alyssa Corson


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