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Partisan politics dominate local NJ school board election

The atmosphere in Tenafly High School’s library became tense as six school board candidates discussed the issue.

They sat next to each other when they answered a question on the forum last week, but their responses showed how fiercely divided they were.

From how sex education and racism are taught in schools to funding the campaign, it’s no surprise that Tenafly is one of many powder barrel school board races taking place across the state and country. It was clear.

Two state education orders have sparked controversy, reflecting national trends. One is the 2021 law, which requires public schools to promote themes of diversity, inclusion, and equity, and examine the impact of unconscious bias and economic inequality in society, and the 2020 Health and Physical Education Standards. is. .

School Board Candidate Forum on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 in Tenafly.

At Tenafly, Matt Ackerman, Marissa Buonomo, and Michael Croce challengers Matt Ackerman, Marissa Buonomo, and Michael Croce are working together on the ‘Parental Rights’ platform.

Incumbents seeking re-election are Jocelyn Schwartz, Paula Newman and Igor Frid. The three operate independently but “fully support” each other, current board chairman Schwarz said. It also supports state curriculum mandates, such as diversity laws and changes to sex education.

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