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Mavs Business Assist: Meet Samir Ranjan and Katatenate

The Mavs Business Assist program will launch at the start of the 2022-23 basketball season and will support 100 diverse North Texas-based entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The Dallas Mavericks has partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to provide program participants with access to the knowledge, tools and support they need to succeed as part of the Mavs Business Assistance (MBA) program.

Here at Mavs, we also believe in the power of storytelling and are honored to showcase our various MBA members throughout the year to highlight their extraordinary accomplishments.

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell. This is especially true for businesses owned by minorities and women. Successful businesses often have to jump more hurdles. The Dallas Mabs are excited to make the voices of diverse minority entrepreneurs heard in the first class of the Mabs Business Assist Program.

Samir Ranjan
Catenate Co., Ltd. CTO

About Catenate
Samir Ranjan Many of the people in his small hometown set refused to follow the pattern. I embraced

At school, he excelled and fell in love with mathematics and science. That passion was his ticket to the world and he later passed his one of India’s toughest exams. This enabled Ranjan to complete his Bachelor of Technology degree at his Institute of National Importance (NIT Raipur) in India. From there, he landed in Dallas, where his innovation and entrepreneurial skills were put to good use. He is also an acclaimed speaker and guest lecturer, making him one of the founding members of Catenate Corp.

Catenate’s basic belief centers around the following quote: It’s your choice as a leader. The team at Catenate has worked on data science, human-centered design, education, psychology, and more.

Cutting-edge companies use AI technology to help them hire managers “by removing prejudices regarding human skin color, caste, creed, or race …” and instead individuals “talent and personality.” We are creating an inclusive business by “judged by”. environment.

Ranjan is more than just an entrepreneur. He is an innovator, academic, data scientist, speaker, sort he is a leader, guest lecturer and serves on various committees. Above all, he wants to make the world a better place.

He decided to join Mavs Business Assist to spread his product information to a wider audience and get the opportunity to raise money by pitching my business proposition to investors. visited Sameer to learn more about his story and background. Portions of the interview have been edited for clarity and brevity. Before talking about your business and ideas, could you tell your fans more about your life and background? Where did you grow up, where did you go to school, and how did you get to this moment?

Ranjan: I grew up in a small city in India. Ever since I was a kid, I was taught that I had to study hard to get a regular job in a steel mill that happened to be the single biggest employer in my city.

Since childhood, I was not interested in following the norms, but somehow I developed a fondness for mathematics and science and managed to pass one of the most difficult exams in India. So I was selected to pursue a Bachelor of Technology degree at the Institute of National Importance (NIT Raipur), India. I passed college and got an engineering degree and he came second overall in college.

After working in India for several years, founding a company, and helping small businesses, I decided to move to the US to pursue a master’s degree in data science. I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a master’s degree and continued my entrepreneurial journey as I submitted a proposal to reopen my business with a plan for those affected by COVID-19. I would like to. I met like-minded people right after school and started creating products that aid human development. And now, I’m working with my team to create a world of symbiosis. Where does your passion for your business come from?

Ranjan:I was actually one of the first employees and one of the founding members of our business, Catenate Corp. The idea was to help students find their personality and who they really are, what career his track should suit them. People spend their money doing things they don’t like and later regret all the money they’ve lost.

On the other hand, it turns out that the problem is the same for employees and employers, both of whom are confused about what is right for them, which is why they currently have the highest turnover rate in the world. We wanted to create a product that helps candidates find the right jobs and employers find the right candidates based not only on their employees’ soft skills and personalities. Succeeded.

I am here with my education, so I am passionate about helping people get the right education and resources. I believe that luck is only generated if you have the intelligence to support it. I want this world to be educated and people to be more than just resumes. What would you like more people to know about being an entrepreneur or business owner?

RANJAN: Being an entrepreneur sounds cool, but there is a big price to pay. It’s endless belief in yourself, pride in your team, and the pressure of never-ending work. Your work is like nothing else on this planet. I’m sure there are common challenges, but personally, I don’t think anyone has been turned down for help. So I think the biggest challenge is asking for help. What is your vision for your business? How do you hope it will impact others and change the world?

Ranjan:My vision for my business is to scale it and make it accessible to everyone. My system of finding the right people in the right seats changes the world view of how talent hiring and management works. It has the ability to remove prejudices against human skin color, caste, creed, or race, and they will be judged. For their talents and personalities, not for others. Doing something for inclusiveness beyond just adding it to the agenda of your business manual will have a very positive impact on your business. Why did you decide to participate in Mavs Business Assist?

Ranjan: I am looking for great funding opportunities and opportunities to show the business what we have developed. I will spread product information to a wider net audience and pitch my business proposal in front of investors Participated in Mavs Business Assist for a fundraising opportunity. How do people support you? Be bold! what are your needs?

Ranjan:I would like companies to at least try my system, manage their talent and employment needs, and help create a world without prejudice, or at least evaluate themselves and better themselves. I want you to know

My system costs less than a cup of coffee per employee per month and can make a real difference to your organization. I want the opportunity to introduce my business to investors who are looking for the next big idea to change the world. You need to get newspaper and media attention to reach you.

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