November 1, 2022

Milwaukee — Marquette University School of Business Announces Launch of Two New Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Courses to Serve as Preparatory Courses for Industry-Led Certifications for Accounting, Investment Professionals, and ESG Leaders . The course was announced at the university’s recent Sustainability 2.0 conference and launched on Tuesday, November 1st.

Two more courses are planned for the first and second quarters of 2023 to help organizations manage ESG in today’s interconnected economy.

The “ESG Investing” and “Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential” courses are designed to advance education on sustainability standards in business. They are delivered to industry professionals in an asynchronous hybrid/face-to-face format. The timeliness of these offerings is consistent with the new SEC Climate Disclosure rule.

“Marquette Business strives to be at the forefront of innovation in the business space, and has done so at the largest ESG conference in the Midwest,” said Chris Marker, Ph.D., Financial Practices Instructor. “Responsible investment towards sustainability is progressing rapidly and the industry is starting to catch up. It’s the professional development tool you need.”

Sustainability practices are becoming an important part of business, and US and international regulators are mandating disclosure of climate information. Investors incorporate her ESG data to gain a broader understanding of the companies they invest in. Developed in conjunction with the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, ESG Investing covers multiple dimensions of sustainable investing and provides tools for effective financial assessment, opportunity and risk assessment.

‘Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting’ is a credentialing course taught according to the standards of the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board. It is designed to help you understand the link between material sustainability information and a company’s financial performance. Through its industry-backed partnership with the International Standards and Sustainability Committee (IFRS Foundation), Markette has developed interdisciplinary course materials on sustainable accounting standards that will be made available to the business community and, ultimately, future Incorporated into undergraduate and graduate curricula.

“Innovation and sustainability are woven into the fabric of Marquette’s Catholic and Jesuit values, so these new courses are just one way we can serve your business as an educational partner of Marquette Business,” said the University of Management. Keys Acting Dean Tim Hanley said. “These courses have generated a lot of interest across the industry, with companies and companies interested in ESG certification and professional development opportunities. We look forward to rolling out these classes as we open O’Brien Hall, the new home of Marquette’s business.The Marquette of the future will partner with us on the talent development needs to fuel a thriving economy. and support the company.”

Additional courses for 2023 include Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting II, which expands on the foundations of sustainability and materiality, and a capstone on Strategic Sustainability. This Capstone course provides a holistic approach for companies to integrate sustainability into their strategic planning. This course covers strategy, finance, operations, marketing, compliance, reporting, and communicating with investors, customers, and stakeholders about sustainability programs.

Standards are being developed to ensure sustainable business practices, and regulatory obligations are being accelerated by the SEC’s climate disclosure requirements. European public and private companies are already subject to disclosure obligations. In the United States, publicly traded companies are not the only ones subject to these requirements. “Scope 2 and 3” reporting also impacts the thousands of private companies that contribute to these companies as suppliers and partners. A company today is uniquely positioned to improve his ESG practices by partnering with the market.

Marquette recently received a STARS Bronze rating for its overall sustainability performance. Commitment to the WAVE program is the latest way the university is working towards a sustainable future. Other recent initiatives include an updated fund policy banning direct investment in fossil fuels. The Marquette University Police Department is transitioning to hybrid police cars. Expansion of opportunities for bicycle use. Renewable Energy Initiatives; Sustainable Building Code; Sustainability Internship Program. More information about Marquette’s commitment to sustainability is available online.

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