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Giants Eyeing Jerry Jeudy, Brandin Cooks Before Trade Deadline?

Brian Dabor knew what he had to work on in his first year as a Giants coach, so his philosophy for the team was simple. As Safety’s Julian Love said last week, their overall strategy was to “bring[the enemy team]to the deepest depths, see if they can swim, and drown them.”

In other words, do whatever it takes to drag your opponent down to the fourth quarter and take your chances.

But that only works if the Giants are strong enough to swim.

So far, they have posted an impressive 6-2 record, earning their first playoff berth since 2016. 4 p.m. His team’s flaws were evident in his 27-13 loss in Seattle on Sunday and how he struggled to pitch the ball all season.

Jenno Smith leads the Seahawks in a win over the Giants with 212 passing yards and two passing touchdowns.

Jenno Smith leads the Seahawks in a win over the Giants with 212 passing yards and two passing touchdowns.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Genno Smith led the Seahawks with 212 passing yards and two passing touchdowns in a 27-13 win over the New York Giants.

But they are still competitors, and as the Giants are well aware, such opportunities are rare.

Will Shane stick with his long-term rebuilding plan, knowing that no matter what he does, a championship run this season is likely an illusion? Would you sign a receiver like Jerry Jeudy or Houston’s Brandin Cooks?

That’s a tough call for the GM of a remarkable but completely unexpected success team. The Giants had 225 total offensive yards on Sunday. He averaged just 159 passing yards per game. One player — his Saquon Barkley at 968 yards from scrimmage — has accounted for nearly 40 percent of his offense all year.

If they keep playing like that and hope to get a break in the 4th quarter, the win probably can’t be sustained.

“I think most games in this league will be one-goal games,” says Daboll. “A lot of the games are won that way. It ends in the first quarter, unlike some college coaching. Most of these games go back and forth.”

That may be true, but it only makes Shane’s problems worse. Just think how much easier life would be in the 4th quarter if the Giants had a reliable receiver in clutch. As the Seahawks did on Sunday, the team is poised to block the Giants’ rushing attack, holding Barkley to just 53 yards on his 20 carries and quarterback Daniel Jones to just 20 yards. Limited.

As the entire NFL knows, the Giants can’t throw, so they can do it. The Giants have contacted the Broncos about Judy, 23, and Houston about Cook, 29, and have serious interest in both, according to NFL sources. Like, Davor has known him well since they got together in Alabama in 2017.

But Jedi could come at a cost, possibly a second-round pick, a source said. Some sources suggest he’ll be nominated — but that’s because he’s guaranteed an $18 million salary next season unless the Texans can lure him into getting the part. It’s nothing more than

Other options, such as Carolina’s DJ Moore and Pittsburgh’s Chase Claypool, could cost more with draft picks. There are also potential bargain options that league sources say are available, including Denver’s KJ Hamler and New England’s Kendrick Bourne.

So does Shane go get one of those? , has revealed that he will not mortgage any part of his future. It will also take some of the pressure off Barkley, making it impossible for the defense to stop him.

For a tough and gritty team, this can be a big deal, especially once you get to the all-important Q4. But big enough for what? Even if they add a receiver, they’re almost certainly not going to overtake the undefeated Eagles in the NFC East race. And even if they don’t, they’re perfectly positioned for a wild card spot.

That’s the question Schoen grapples with: is what he gets by adding top receivers worth the price?

Daboll didn’t offer any hints on Monday, just saying, “I’ll do whatever I think is best for the team.” And for what it’s worth, he said the attacking guys on the field are happy with what they have.

“Yes,” said Jones. “I think we have players across the board who can play. I have a lot of trust and confidence in the players in the locker room.

That’s nice, but he sure knows their limits. Their current best receiver is Darius Slayton (16 catches for 232 yards). The second-best receiver is 5-foot-8-inch rookie Wandale Robinson (12-107). Their third receiver — who played the most snaps on Sunday — is journeyman Marcus Johnson (6-63) who played for his six teams in seven years.

Jones also knows help probably won’t come from within. No one expected him to be the player he wanted when he signed his $72 million a year contract. He ditched his attitude and won third- and sixth-round picks.

So Shane is looking out for what the Giants need more than anything else. Whether he can get it all depends mainly on the cost.

It also depends on how bold the first-year GM wants to be.

Ralph Vacchiano is FOX Sports’ NFC East reporter covering the Washington Commanders, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. He spent the last six years covering the Giants and Jets on his SNY TV in New York, and for his 16 years prior to that, he covered the Giants and the NFL on the New York Daily News. Follow him on his Twitter: @RalphVacchiano.

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