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Discuss trends in political advertising over the past decade

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Sam Corey

Our politics are undergoing many changes. Because our populace is also going through many different changes. Democrats have grown to resemble each other, with certain tastes, preferences, and desires, while Republicans belong to a different camp and want a completely different lifestyle.

All of this is raising the temperature in our politics. If one side wins, it feels like a really big loss for the other side. brought.

“As you’ve noticed, they don’t really do aggressive advertising. They spend all their money ripping off candidates. And as these groups become involved in elections, , they contribute to raising the level of negativity.” — Professor Michael Franz

Listen: Two experts discuss whether political advertising has become more hostile and deceptive over the past decade.

The guests

Michael Franz Professor of Government and Law at Bowdoin College, researching political campaign advertising. He says that in the post-Citizens United world, third-party interest groups are doing more and spending more money to hurt candidates.

“As you can see, they don’t really do aggressive advertising,” says Franz. “They spend all their money tearing apart candidates, and as these groups become involved in elections, they contribute to increasing levels of negativity.”

Rick Pulta is a Senior State Capitol Correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He says third parties and campaign teams have a lot of room to hurt their opponents during the election cycle.

“Remember, in our jurisprudence, political speech is the most protected speech,” says Pruta. “You can’t get away with anything, but you can get away with far more than you would in any other situation.”

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