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Dedrone integrates drone detection technology into Johnson Controls mix

Dedrone, a leading airspace protection company, is extending the reach of drone detection and identification technology into everyday situations by partnering with building and venue safety services experts Johnson Controls.

The move reflects Dedrone’s commitment to expanding the types of situations in which invasive or threatening drone capabilities can be detected, tracked, and, if necessary, mitigated if authorized. Working with Johnson Controls, the company extends its aviation security activities beyond traditional defense and security operations for government and private sector clients into the environments where people live, work and play every day.

Ben Wenger, Dedrone Chief Revenue Officer, said: “Dedrone’s integration with Johnson Controls provides a complete airspace security solution, with the ability to easily add anti-drone security, enabling security industry leaders to provide It helps protect everything from airborne threats.”

To that end, Dedrone will integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning-based drone detection and management products into Johnson Controls’ portfolio of security solutions for protected smart, healthy and sustainable buildings and venues. Dedrone’s counter-UAV technology is installed via Johnson Controls’ open application programming interface to provide cloud-based airspace security as a service to customers in 150 countries.

This move serves two purposes at once. By incorporating Dedrone’s drone detection, monitoring and mitigation capabilities, Johnson Controls is able to offer its customers a response to the rapidly growing problem of intrusive UAVs and the threats they can pose.

Together, by stowing these airborne capacities under its wings, Johnson Controls significantly expands the range of comprehensive OpenBlue digital security it offers to medical facilities, schools, data centers, airports, stadiums, and manufacturing facilities. can.

Sanjeev Singh, Vice President of Product and Program Management, Security Products at Johnson Controls, said: “That’s why we offer everything from access control and command center solutions, to AI-enabled video surveillance and intruder prevention, for comprehensive physical security coverage. “There are gaps in our security portfolio that require immediate attention. Anti-drone security is a proactive solution to detect and mitigate this threat.”

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Dedrone’s DedroneTracker detection and surveillance platform is built on an open system architecture to facilitate integration into third-party inputs including sensors, cameras, and other anti-drone identification and mitigation solutions. Interface with Dedrone’s complete catalog of aviation security technologies to discover, track, and locate unauthorized UAVs near Johnson Controls client buildings, pinpoint the location of craft operators, and assist first responders dispatched in real time.

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