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Cold Hollow’s Vermont Legacy Continues Under New Owners

Vermont Business Magazine Paul and Gail Brown, longtime owners of Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, Vermont, recently sold an iconic business to former Stow Cider general manager Dan Snyder and a small group of investors. completed the sale of Known for its cider donuts, signature dishes, and fresh cider pressed in an old-fashioned rack-and-cross press, Cold Hollow is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The business is located on 16 acres in Waterbury on Route 100 between the villages of Ben & Jerry’s and Stowe.

Former owners proud of what they contributed to creating

The Browns purchased the factory in 2000 and for more than 20 years worked hard to create a healthy Vermont-focused retail appeal that cares about customers, employees and the environment. By focusing on “keeping it real” and creating a non-corporate atmosphere at the mill, Browns has built a business in one of Vermont’s biggest tourist attractions and helped grow its mail-order business. has launched a line of 10 artisanal hard ciders. Add a tasting room.

Gail Brown, Dan Snyder, Paul Brown. Courtesy photo.

Their direct business-to-customer approach did not rely on large distributors. “We loved making the business positive for everyone,” explained Paul Brown. “Creating an authentic, ‘non-corporate’ Vermont experience was a difficult but rewarding job. It was a lot of fun.” After all, the factory belongs to Vermont. No one has the ability to own and run a cider factory like Dan. We are thrilled with the idea of ​​him being the new owner. He fits perfectly with Mill’s values. ”

Longtime Cold Hollow fan and friend, local buyer

New owner Dan Snyder has lived and worked in the Stowe area for the past nine years as General Manager of Stowe Cider. During his time there, he formed a friendship with the Browns. After hearing many casual jokes about his retirement thoughts, he finally asked what they thought of his successor. The Browns ultimately decided there was no better person to continue the legacy they had built.

Snyder said: My priority is to maintain the success of our cider factory and give our customers the same experience they have come to know and love. He also sees future growth opportunities, such as reintroducing Cold Hollow’s famous mugs of fresh cider into the local market.

About Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Since 1976, Cold Hollow has been serving Vermont’s community, visitors, and enthusiasts of all things top quality cider, specialty foods, and on-site hospitality. In recent years, Cold Hollow has expanded its reach to the internet, shipping donuts, cider, hard his cider, and specialty foods to friends and fans across the country.

Waterbury Vermont, October 28, 2022 – cold hollow cider mill

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