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4 Local Distilleries In The Spirit Of Louisiana |

The spirits that roam Louisiana are sweet and spicy. Some stay for a while, others leave quickly. Nonetheless, there are plenty – and we’re not talking about ghosts.

Baton Rouge alone has distilleries serving spirits like rum, vodka and bourbon.

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File photo of bar enthusiasts pedaling toward Three Roll Estate Distillery (now Oxbow Rum Distillery) on St. Philip Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Friday, June 17, 2022.

Oxbow Rum Distillery760 Saint Philip St.

Information: Call (225) 615-8044, email, or visit

Open: Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm

Spirits: Oxbow Rum Distillery has three brands: Oxbow Estate Rum, False River and Three Roll Estate. Spirits include False River Spiced Rum, Barrel Aged Straight Rum and Red Stick Cinnamon Rum.

Baton Rouge Distillery11616 Industriplex Blvd.

Information: Call (225) 614-2616, email, or visit

Hours of Operation: Tours of the distillery are offered when the tasting room is open.

Spirits: Rye Whiskey, Strawberry Brandy, Louisiana Bourbon

sugar field spirits481 W. East Bank Street

Information: Call (225) 647-2029, email, or visit

sugar field rum

File photo: Sugarfield Spirits offers a variety of cocktails on both original and seasonal menus.

Open: Wednesday to Friday from 3pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 9pm

Spirits: Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Spiced Rum, Corn Whiskey, Satsuma Liqueur, Lemon Liqueur, Orange Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, Coffee & Cream Liqueur, Peach Liqueur, Strawberry Liqueur. We also offer a variety of distillery-exclusive products, including sugar cane juice (Agricol-style) rums, aged rums, special release whiskeys, and small batch liqueurs.

Lesse Verse14141 Airline Hwy

Information: Call (225) 953-7687, email, or visit

Open: Thursday and Friday from 5pm to 8pm, Saturday from 1pm to 8pm

Spirits: Whiskey, Sebon Coffee, Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry, Vanilla Liqueur, Frambo Louisiana Cinnamon Liqueur, Blueberry Liqueur, Apple Pie Louisiana Liqueur, Strawberry Liqueur, Coconut Liqueur, Louisiana Wedding Cake Amaretto Liqueur.

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