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‘The View’ host’s Halloween costume is exquisite

view The hosts have taken their costumers to a whole other level this year!

The annual Halloween episode of ABC Daytime Talk Show aired this morning and whoopi goldberg, Sarah Haynes, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, Sunny HostinWhen Alyssa Farrah Griffin All channeled characters from your favorite TV shows.

in a conversation with Man, viewsenior producer of Jamie Hammer “This year Whoopi created the whole theme,” he said.

“We start preparing for our Halloween show at the beginning of September. We usually have an idea meeting with all the staff to pitch the themes and other segments that we think would be fun for the show,” she said.

“Once I had the list, I would go to the women with the ideas and draw the themes out of it. But when Elizabeth was on, Goldberg loved her so much that she walked off the set. Said. story of a maid.“And from there, we started building.”

Goldberg dressed as June in The Handmaid’s Tale, wearing a red cloak emblazoned with the powerful words, “My body, my morals, my life, my choices, not yours.” .

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