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‘The Exorcist’ Chosen as the Most Terrifying Horror Movie of All Time | Entertainment

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It’s not a Halloween movie per se, but it’s a 1973’s exorcist It should top your spooky streaming list for the holiday season. According to experts, it’s the scariest movie ever made.

The website Study Find scrutinized dozens of terrifying movie reviews by film experts from 10 publications and websites. teen vogue To rolling stone to rotten tomatoes, and William Friedkinclassic came out on top. Fans seem to think so too. In his 2018 Vudu survey, the film ranked at the top of the movies viewers turn to for cinematic scares.

The Study Finds compilation puts the 1978 classics Halloween in second place, time out proverb of Jamie Lee CurtisThe director’s film ‘still near perfect after almost 40 years’

2007 paranormal activity It was third on our list. The film that launched his hit franchise was praised for its low-budget re-creation of horror. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film “turns a simple haunted house story into his 90 minutes of relentless suspense.”

Stanley Kubrickof Shining Ranked at number four, the 1980 film was praised for both its terrifying visuals and rich symbolism, and is analyzed to this day.

Rounding out the top five was the 2014 sequel it lastsThe film is said to have ushered in “an era now called ‘uplifted horror’.” Vulturecalled the film a “haunting genre flick”.

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