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“Story of the ESCO Group” featuring the founder on November 1st

ESCO Group CEO Ray Brown
ESCO Group CEO Ray Brown

Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) is hosting “The Story of The ESCO Group” on November 1st from 9-10am. 201, Marion. MEDCO will host ESCO founder Wayne Engle and current CEO Ray Brown as guests. There is no participation fee.

In 1964 Wayne Engle and Shirley Engle started a small electrical contracting business in Marion’s home. By the 1970s, ESCO had grown into one of the Midwest’s most successful electrical companies, working on both residential and commercial projects. Through generations of family leadership, ESCO Group has now grown to serve industrial markets across the United States, including a client list of Fortune 500 companies.

In 2014, the company welcomed Mr. Brown as the new CEO of ESCO Group. He still holds that position today. ESCO Group is now 100% employee-owned and proud to continue to call Marion home.

Business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and members of the entire community are invited to participate. Engle and Brown will share lessons learned throughout his 58-year history at the company and advice for individuals looking to grow their own businesses. Attendees are encouraged to engage in dialogue and ask questions to support their personal business journey.

for those interested register here.

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