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Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup’s Niece Dies in Seoul Crowd Attack


An Ohio Republican said in a statement Monday that Rep. Brad Wenstrup’s niece, Anne-Marie Zieske, had died in a surge in Halloween crowds in Seoul over the weekend.

“Monica and I and all of our family are saddened by the loss of our niece, Anne-Marie Siaske. She was a gift from God to our family. I loved him,” Wenstrup said in a statement.

Wenstrup also released a statement on behalf of her parents, Dan and Madonna Geeske.

“We are devastated and heartbroken by the loss of Anne-Marie. She was a bright light that was loved by all. Please. Anne’s final gift to us was to die in a state of holy grace, and we know that one day we will meet her again in the kingdom of God,” they said as Venstrup’s office said in a statement provided.

Anne Marie Gieske.

Geisk, a nursing student at the University of Kentucky, was studying in Seoul this semester, according to a statement by the university’s president, Eli Kapiruto.

“We are in communication with Anne’s family and will offer all possible support now and over the next few days to help them deal with this unspeakable loss,” the statement said. We are there for the people in our community who knew and loved Ann. , needs our support.”

South Korean authorities are investigating a crowd surge that has killed at least 155 partygoers in Seoul.

Among the dead are at least 26 foreigners, including two US citizens. More than a dozen embassies around the world have confirmed victims in their own countries.

South Korea has begun a week-long period of mourning while officials try to figure out how the devastating crash happened.

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