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Leadership course to connect high school and kindergarteners in Riverside

Last week, a group of juniors and seniors from Riverside High School visited a kindergarten class for the Sidekicks program, which was launched earlier this year as a way to build connections between high school and kindergarteners.

This program is part of the High School Student Initiative Course for Developing Excellence in Leadership. This is his second visit with Sidekick, and he aims to visit kindergarteners at the district’s elementary school at least once a month, said Jeff Eccles, SIDE and world history teacher. said.

He said the idea for the program came from last year’s Winterfest event, when SIDE students visited elementary schools and did “mini-Olympic type activities.” Some of the high school students started talking about going back in a more consistent fashion.

“The whole idea was just to build a connection with the kids. slightly.”

Students on the SIDE leadership team are responsible for planning kindergarten visits, preparing activities and coordinating with teachers, said SIDE and English teacher Jaime McIntyre.

Eckles added, “A big part of our course is leadership, so we learn how to lead different age groups.”

Senior Sam Volpe and juniors Jason McKee and Jada White were part of a group that visited Riverview Elementary School on October 27. Volpe helped high school and kindergarten children make apple tree crafts. said.

“They are very excited about the little things we do,” said Volpe, who joined because she wanted to be a teacher.

Sidekicks from Riverside High School and kindergarteners from Riverview Elementary are working on crafts as part of the Sidekicks program's October 27 visit.  (Bryson Durst -- News Herald).
Sidekicks from Riverside High School and kindergarteners from Riverview Elementary are working on crafts as part of the Sidekicks program’s October 27 visit. (Bryson Durst — News Herald).

Mackey said she enjoys making crafts because she now has a more personal interaction with kindergarteners.

“We were there at one point in our lives and I think it would be fun to go back. Being an eldest child is fun.

“It’s been a really fun time. I’m so happy to be able to help the community in this way,” said White.

Riverview Kindergarten teacher Katherine Gelman appreciates the additional support and guidance Sidekicks has provided.

“Just seeing some of these high school students come in and work with these young kids really fosters a sense of community in my eyes and in their eyes,” she said. “It’s really exciting. Everyone cheered when I told the class that they were coming this morning.”

Gelman added that Sidekick works with the same group of kindergarteners each time he visits.

“Small groups allow students to experience things they can’t do alone in a room,” she said.

The Sidekicks visited all four district elementary schools on October 27, said Nick Carravin, district director of marketing and communications.

In addition to the Sidekicks program, according to McIntyre, other activities in the two-year SIDE course include helping grade 8 transition to the Riverside campus, completing Lean Six Sigma certification training, participating in entrepreneurship activities, It includes teaching other projects at the university. school. Students can include some class activities on their résumé.

She said SIDE students are also planning the district’s annual Halls of Holly event, scheduled for December 3rd.

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