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Enovis changes leadership of two business units

Guy Guglielmino Terry Ross Enovis
[Image from Enovis]

Enovis (NYSE:ENOV) announced the appointment of Terry Ross and Guy Guglielmino to new leadership positions within the company.

Wilmington, Delaware-based Enovis (DJO’s parent company) says the appointments are the engine of its growth.

The company has appointed Ross, currently president of Enovis Recovery Sciences, as president of Bracing & Support for Enovis. Guglielmino, currently vice president of marketing for braces and supports, assumes the role of president of recovery science for Ross.

Ross has over 10 years of experience in general administration, investor relations and business development at Enovis (formerly Colfax). He has been president of Recovery Science since his 2019. Previous positions include Danaher and his time at GE.

Guglielmino will join Enovis in 2021 from Wright Medical. At Wright, he led marketing and medical education for the company’s global lower extremity business. He also served as Vice President of Marketing for Bausch & Lomb for more than five years.

The company said Ross will work closely with Jason Anderson, current president of Orthotics and Support, over the next few months. Anderson is leaving the company, but will help ensure a smooth transition.

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